Tuesday 19.09.17, Going out in Aalborg (Denmark)

Yesterday I went out with a friend of mine here in Aalborg (Denmark). 

This friend of mine just wanted somebody with her to pray for “the sick&hurted”.

These were our experienced:

1. I like youngster groups so I walked towards them and came to know that one of them had pain in his stomach. I prayed one time and all pain was gone! I explained the gospel and gave them a card with a link to the TLRMOVIE.


This was a boy we met who had an injury in his hand. (He was a netbal player). My friend prayed for it and the pain was gone, time to explain the gospel in short.


This was an amazing meeting we had. We met this guy who had pain in his back. After my friend prayed for it all pain left from the first prayer! When I asked him if he had time to listen to us explaining the gospel over a table he, surprisingly said “yes”. So we went to a cafetaria and explauned him the gospel. 

He was very friendly but saw Christianity not as the only truth. A pitty. We pray that God will convince him before it’s too late.

When we left the cafetaria some pain had come back so now I laid my hands on his back and commanded all pain to go and not return anymore. All pain left.

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