Tuesday 26.09.17, Going out at night!

It had become the last week of the Pioneer Training School. Still not everyone had seen miracles happen through their hands. Sandrine was one of them and she had asked me before to take her out on the street and search for people which she could pray for. Finally, the time had come to see an opening in the program and to go out with her.

Another friend of me also had asked before to go out on the street with me, so this made us a group of three. A perfect amount! I like to go as a group of 2 or three, preferably not more. Our group was: Sandrine, José and me.

The first person we met was a young guy  who had pain in his legs, Sandrine could pray and after one or two prayers he was totally healed! Praise God!



 After this guy we saw a muslim looking woman. She told us that she had some pain in her back; Sandrine could pray and it left but then she said that she had also kidney stones that hurted a lot. We said that Jesus could take them away. She was very happy. Sandrine could pray again. I think that it was after three or four prayers that all pain was gone. The woman was amazed; we expected this, but still were very happy that the Holy Spritit had healed her. Hallelujah! The woman asked something about us seeing her sons and praying for them, we shared our phone numbers so we could communicate about where to be and what to pray for but she never gave us a message back.

Now we three’s were all on fire; this was a good night!

Then we found a bench with three homeless people on. They were all a bit drunk; the one more than the other. They all got healed in some way; one of them said that he wanted to get baptised. We said we would meet him the next day at the same spot (in the end he didn’t come, but God had a reason for that as you will read in the next post)

During the night, knees, back, wrist, ears, etc…  got healed! Here are two filmed pieces of this night! God is amazing!


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