Wed-Sat 27.-30.09.17, Incredible Luke 10 -exercise!

My wife and I went to the PTS (Pioneer Training School) in Denmark for three weeks but we were not prepared for what we would see at the end of the three weeks! This is the longest post this far, but it’s such an amazing story with a lot of details that we don’t want to write it too shortly. There would be even more small things to tell about how God planned it amazingly, but we want to spare you 😀

On Tuesday all PTS students were divided to three groups for the Luke 10 -exercise: Bus, Car, and Sandals. The groups were formed by drawing of lots. Couples would stay together. Our group was Sandals, and we were 6 people altogether: Jose, Chelsea, Robin, Doris, my wife Anni and I. The plan was to gather together on Tuesday evening to plan and pray and then we would be sent out on wednesday at 12 o’clock.

Our assignment was to first read the start of Luke chapter 10 with our group, where Jesus sends out his 70 disciples. The point was that we are sent out for two nights (from Wednesday 12 o’clock to Friday 12 o’clock) to find a person of peace and to learn to trust in Gods providance. After reading the passage, we decided not to take money for accomodation or eating (one person took money in case of needing transport). Also most didn’t take any food or snacks. Everyone carried some nessecities with them, like a toothbrush. On Tuesday evening we were praying and asking God where he wanted to send us. All people in our group got different pictures in there mind like “A man sitting on a bench”, “Someone walking with a big dog”, etc… Our team member, Robin, went to the toilet and came back after a while saying that she had heard God whispering “Skalborg” with an audible voice to her ear. She didn’t know how to write it and none of us was from Denmark so nobody knew the place but José from our group was looking at a map from Aalborg and it was right there! We were amazed and encouraged to realize that it was only 5 km from our place, not 15 or 50 km (God knew we didn’t have a car). We still went to pray on our own, if God would give us some more directions.

I decided to have a walk and ask God for directions. While I went out I had to think on the colours “Blue and White” but yeah that sounded a bit to easy for me so I gave no attention to it. While I was walking nothing really lighted up or whispered in my ears so I decided to go back to the Jesus Hotel. Just before I crossed the road leading to the hotel I looked up to the blue sky and saw white stripes from an airplane that just had been there. Hmmm, again “blue and white” came to my mind. Would those colours be a sign I was thinking? I went inside the building.

Later on Tuesday evening we went out to kickstart Sandrine. She was on our PTS, but she hadn’t yet seen someone get healed by her prayer (read the story from Tuesday 26.09.17, Going out at night!). We went out with my brother Jose, Sandrine and I. We met a guy who got healed and wanted to get baptised the next day. We decided that José and I would meet this guy at 12 o’clock the next day so we could take him to the Jesus Hotel and baptise him just before we would go on the “Luke 10” -exercise.

On Wednesday José and I waited for him more than 30 minutes but when it became 12.15 and he hadn’t shown up, we decided to go back. I just would ask another guy who was standing before a shop if he happened to have any pain. I never knew, that this would be a crucial meeting for our Luke 10 experience!

I approached this guy and asked him if he had any pain but he said: “No!”. I went back to José ready to leave and go back to the Jesus Hotel but the guy came back to me and said that he had some problems in his life which we could pray for. His mother came to stand with us and we prayed together. Actually they were not Danish but German and the mother didn’t speak english. We started to talk and they invited us for lunch with them. Since José and I hadn’t yet eaten lunch we were more than happy to accept this treat.  We told them about our Luke 10 -experiment and they both listened very attentively to our story! After the lunch the guy (28 years) and his mother thanked us and we said goodbye.

When we met the other four girls in Skalborg. Because of the visions everyone had seen, we search for a park with a bench or a person with a dog or someone with  football. We didn’t find a bench, but after walking towards a man with a dog I saw a furniture shop called JYSK. This reminded me on the “JYSK” shop we have very close to our home in Finland. It suddenly came to me that the colours of the finnish flag are Blue and White. I was reminded that I had thought about those colours, blue & white, while I had prayed for our Luke 10 (Also the whole brand of JYSK is blue & white, but I only realized it aterwards). We decided to split up in teams; I would go with José and Doris (a German woman in our group) to JYSK and the other three girls would walk a bit around, searching for the other signs.

When Doris, José and I entered the shop José gave me a push and said, “Look there!”. I looked up and saw the same guy with his mother who José and I had just prayed for in the city center of Aalborg at noon. We were all amazed! I went to the guy and asked him “What are you doing here?”, to which he answered: “No, what are YOU doing here??!!” 😀 We explained that we were led by God to go to this place. This seemed to really surprise him: “How do you hear from God? How did he lead you here?”. The mother couldn’t speak any english, but God had arranged us to have Doris from germany in our group, so she could fully explain everything to the mother (God is the best organizer ever)! They were both amazed. This was truly God!

This guy, Patrick, asked if we had already found a place to sleep. We said we hadn’t, to which he answered: “Ok. If you want you can sleep at my place.” José and I thanked them for the place to sleep and told them that there were 6 of us. Patrick was quite surprised, because he thought that we were just 3, but he agreed. He told that his girl friend was not home so we could be with the six of us sleeping at his place if we would be a bit creative. We agreed.

While our meeting in JYSK, the girls found a woman with a dog they could pray for. The dog had allergy and her son was sick at home and the girls prayed. After praying for her they decided to come to search for the other group who went to JYSK. It was such a surprise for the 3 girls when they met us and heard our story! My wife, Chelsea and Robin were so amazed, that suddely we had a place to eat dinner and to sleep. We only had to walk another 7 km to Patricks home in the city center of Aalborg.

When we had arrived to Patrick’s home, Doris shared her testimony and the “cups and cookies” (the gospel in a visible and easy way to understand) in German to the mother, wo didn’ speak any english. Later on, after dinner, my wife Anni could share the “cups and cookies” in English to our person of peace Patrick (see video) and his Italian friend who also came for the dinner.


We ended up the day with sharing all kinds of testimonies about what God has done in our lives and how our lives have truly changed!


The next day Patrick went of to work and we ate breakfast with his mom. He told us that we could meet again after his work, but he didn’t promised a place to sleep yet. Doris had been talking with the mother in german and had heard that she had already said to Peter that God would send someone to help (Patrick had a small baby but the girlfriend had left with the baby and the situation wasn’t really good). Tadaam, here we were: Six people from all over the globe. All with different stories about how we met God and how the same God could also help him with his troubles. Also we heard from Patrick or Patrick mom, that his Aunt had come to faith 8 years ago. She was living in America and God had totally changed his life! Also the Aunt had talked about God to Patrick. God had really been already working in their lives and preparing them! 😀 After lunch we said goodbye to Patrick’s mom and went on the streets Aalborg.

We knew what to do. Searching people to pray for. We quickly split into 3 groups of 2 by “drawing lots” and let God decide who would be togehter. I was with Robin and I asked all kind of people: I let Robin pray for those who had pain. This is a small summary:

IMG_20170928_140327.jpg1. Here we found a sportive guy who had some problems with his knee or legs (I don’t remember correctly): he had pain 8/10 or more and it had been for more than a year. He let us pray, so Robin prayed and after one prayer all pain left him! He was surprised! We were very happy and told him that Jesus had just healed him. I think he was not so interested anymore when we spoke about Jesus so we left.

2. While we were walking we saw a woman  (40+ years) who was in a wheel chair. I still want to see someone get up from their wheel chair after I prayed for them, so I’m a bit drawn to them. She was very happy that I asked if I could pray for her. I prayed and the woman and her friends looked very happy but were heading somewhere. Gladly they said goodbye.

3. Then we met another football player who had problems in his knee for more than 3-months if I remember correctly. He let Robin pray for his knee and all the pain left after two prayers. This guy; eventhough he said that he was a believer was shocked. We were smiling and told him that Jesus still heals today. 😀

IMG_20170928_145104.jpgNow Robin and I went to the Jesus House café from TLR were she got treated because it was actually her birthday 😀 What a great way to celebrate a birthday: to be sent out for Luke 10! The other 4 joined us at the cafe and we had some nice time to relax and get warmer (it was quite windy and chilly out there!). Doris also shared that Patrick’s mother had texted that she wanted to get baptised. Everybody was overjoyed! Hallelujah! This was amazing!

When we counted that Patrick work should’ve surely ended, we called him shortly. He promised to call back in an hour because his baby was in the hospital. After waiting more than an hour some were getting a bit worried. Maybe he didn’t want us anymore? Maybe he was now busy with the baby? We decided to pray together and ask God what to do. Just when we finnished Chelsea (another girl from our group) said: “Why are we not getting something from God?”: just at that moment the phone rang! Patrick asked first if we would come to his place around 20h, but then asked, if we had eaten already something. The answer was “no”, (we had skipped the lunch, because we didn’t have any money) so he warmheartedly suggested that we could come immediately to his flat to eat dinner together. We were more than happy! 😀

We ate together and shared some more testimonies. We were pointing out how many details God had put together for us to meet him. Patrick believed that the meeting had to be supernatural but was still not for 100% sure. At some point Patrick said that if his mother gets healed, then he will believe (his mother had a bad cough and problems with lungs for decades: we had prayed for it, but there was no instant change). Also he called his Aunt to America, who had come to faith 8 years before which had totally changed her life. They talked in german, but Doris told us afterwards, that he had said: “God has sent 6 disciples (he literally used that word, not ‘christian’) to my home. They are telling that I should be baptized.” To which the aunt commented that we can baptize him in his bathtub 😀 That was so funny, because we had told him the same thing! Peter said that he would come to see his mothers baptism. On Friday morning we left Patricks place and were eagerly waiting for the baptism on Saturday.

When they arrived together at the Jesus Hotel on Saturday Patrick had already made up his mind and said that he also wanted to be baptised. Our group of 6 and another german couple talked with him still for 2 hours or so, to really see their motivation, repetance and faith. We told Patrick that he could even baptise his own mother if he wanted. Patrick was happy with this and baptised his mother after I had first baptised him and prayed for him. Right after the water baptism they were both baptizd by the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues! 😀 A new life! Two born again people!

Still another detail from God was, that our german friend Doris had taken 2 extra Bibles with her when she came to PTS. So now she felt that it was because she should give the german Bible to Patrick’s mom and the English New Testament to Patrick! God leads everything for the good! We sat down together and had still great talks.

All glory to God! Our Luke 10 is a wonderful testimony of how God used everyone of us to hear Him and to find a “person of peace” who lead us to his mother who was already ready to get baptised which led to the son to get baptized too! 😀 Also it was a great experience of God’s providance. We got our stomachs full and only had to skip one lunch. We slept inside, though half of us slept on the floor. God knows what we need: not luxury, but simple living! We gave 2 days of our lives to God and God used us to get two more people to His Kingdom! This adventure with God was something thet we will NEVER TO FORGET!










12 thoughts on “Wed-Sat 27.-30.09.17, Incredible Luke 10 -exercise!

  1. What a powerful testimony of God providing, guiding and wanting His Kingdom to grow through His faithful disciples!! Thanks so much for sharing all this, Tim!! Very touching and encouraging!!


  2. Tim, thanks for sharing this testimony. Please pray for Sutherland Springs Texas. 26 blessed Christians murdered and 20 others injured while worshiping in Church. Pray for healing and restoration for this small community ! My friend Jean, she lost her friends across the street, and others in this attack on innocent lives !! Thank you Tim❤


  3. That is an amazing testimony to God’s provision and keeping you safe. I’m so happy for the German mom and for her son Patrick (you also called him Peter twice for some strange reason). I can identify well with Doris because 1) my name is also Doris, 2) I’m also born in Germany and speak German when I need to, and 3) I’m also trying to be a good disciple of Jesus. Blessings to all of you!


    1. Ooh, a lot of thanks Doris! …Yes, your comment was in my inbox “SPAM” what I’m not checking so much. I approved it 😀 Ooh, Yes, I’ll have to check it again. Firstly I called Patrick Peter because I wanted to hide his name; later on he said to me that it’s ok to use his real name. I tried to correct everything but I keep on reading “over” it. Sorry! Being a disciple off Jesus is amazing; as I’m also growing and learning every time more and more I’ll try to write those things in my blog to encourage all my fellow brothers ands sisters in Christ! I have learned from Thorben, now I want to give/share what I learn/see every day. I have chosen not to work but to go every day on the street to share. God has provided in everything I need and that’s just how he works. 😀
      Thanks a lot Doris for your kind reply!!! 😀 Love to hear from you! Blessings!


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