Sunday 01.10.17, Travelling back to Belgium

There’s a lot of stories of things that have happened during the PTS in Denmark, but about those I’ll write later on (when I have more time) a blog post. This is just one quick story.


Hi! We made it to Belgium (yesterday evening) and were picked up by my parents. In the meanwhile we encountered an open person (no pain) who had to sleep in the airport of Schiphol (NL). We had a Very good conversation (he was a baptist) and he would check out the TLR-video when he came home.
When we finally arrived in Gent (BE) we still had to wait on my parents so I asked four African woman who were also standing at the “kiss&ride” spot if they had any pain. 2 were in pain. One was miraculous healed by the first prayer the second one didn’t want prayer because she didn’t believe in “this kind of stuff”. I told her that it didn’t matter if she believed or not, she just had to let me pray for her and she would see. She was ok with that and let me pray for her back, pain level 9. After the first prayer she was confused and said that although she didn’t believed she felt the difference. (Pain level had dropped to a 2). Then I asked her if her legs were the same length and I let her sit down (legs were not the same length) to let her leg grow out. Her leg grow out and I gave her a card of TLR-movie and told her to watch it. They were all happy and assured me to watch it!
Yes! Happily we could now step in the car of my dad who just arrived!

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