05.10-26.10.17, Encouraging rural pastors in India


What an experience! I thank God that he made it possible for us to make this travel and learn a lot! We went to India because God opened a door for it while I was fasting and praying last spring. An Indian pastor, Pastor Abraham (Awakening Souls International), who lives in Belgium invited me to come with him for his next trip to India. We went to India to serve the body of Christ and give for free what we had received for free.
My wife and I were teachings about how to be a disciple, which means to obey Jesus: to do what He said and what he did. The main points of our teaching were: 1) disciples are Jesus’ apprentices, 2) we have to share the full gospel and how one can receive it (repent, be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit), 3) every disciple can and should heal the sick, 4) we have to be baptized and also be ready to baptize new believers 5) we should be Holy like our Father is Holy 6) Jesus promised that we will be persecuted and have hardships. We had also prepared two more teachings (How to cast out demons and How to be fruitful: the 4 grounds), but due to problems with conferences starting few hours late, we didn’t have time to teach them.

We prepared the teachings ourselves Bible as our greatest resource, but we also got a great help and inspiration from Torben’s Kickstart seminar and Pioneer School teachings (TLR movement).

Some thoughts about our stay in India:
* People in India are very hospitable, kind and much more social than we are. We even were invited to a birthday party of one pastor’s daughter (see video). More than 80 people were invited, amazing!
* Our main purpose was to build up and encourage many church leaders that when they have the Holy Spirit, they have all the means (heal the sick, cast out demons, baptize etc.) to make disciples and bare fruit for God.

* We also really wanted to highlight, that all disciples are equal (Jesus didn’t set different responsibilities to “church goers” and pastors: we are all disciples alike): some are pastors, some evangelists, some teachers, some prophets, some apostoles, but we are just as worthy and should work hard to learn from each others and to teach to others what ever we are good at.

* Indian culture has a lot of hierarchy built in it and respect is a high value. When speaking, you have to always show if the speaker is above or under you: do you call them “sir”, “young boy”, “pastor” or “brother”. I told in every conference that I’m not a pastor, just a normal disciple of Jesus. I asked that they would call me “brother Tim”. Still they mostly called me “pastor Tim”: either they forgot or they said it on purpose because for them calling someone “pastor” shows respect.

*We got to eat a super tasty indian fruit, a Custard apple

* On the last two days we could go out with our host family and enjoy some nice things from the Indian culture. Also my wife received a beautiful Indian Sari from our host family: she was so honoured and couldn’t thank them enough!

* Some encouraging testimonies I won’t forget!

On the first day of one of our pastor’s conferences I was preaching about “Healing”, which is an amazing tool we all have received to help us to make disciples. I asked 3 people with pain on the stage and showed first an example, how to approach people on the street and ask to pray for them. I prayed for the first and after that the first prayed for the second and then the second prayed for the third. The three persons who came on the stage and had pain were all healed in Jesus name (fully or partially). After that we made a practise for all the pastors: all who had any kind of pain at the moment gathered in a row in the middle of the hall. Everybody else could then go to a person with pain and pray for healing. When the person was healed, he could go back on his place. We (Abraham, my wife & I) didn’t pray for anyone to let them see that it’s not about us. At the end I asked those who were healed to come infront and tell their testimony.

One of the pastors told in the microphone that he had wanted to be prayed by me the whole day because he believed that I could heal him. Still somehow he hadn’t been able to come to me. He told that it was like “someone or something” was preventing him. But now during this praying practise a pastor who he didn’t know prayed for him and he was totally healed! He was very happy, but I was even more happy: I commented in the microphone: “This is what I want everyone to see! You don’t need those “international preachers” or “mega church pastors” to pray for healing or give you more anointing. If we have the Holy Spirit, we have everything it takes to heal in Jesus name. There is no more or less anointing because when we have the Holy Spirit we are already anointed. The Holy Spirit is a person. You can’t have just a half of a person. You either have Him, or not.”

Another pastor came to me on a second day of one pastors conference. He told us that he went home after the first day and prayed for two women in his family who were both healed! This pastor was so happy to realize how easy it is: we just need faith and Jesus will do the rest! Hallelujah! This made my heart jump!

We really loved to see and hear from small conversations that the pastors were encouraged and were more active and courageous! God was leading us and bringing the outcome that he wanted! He has promised that his words will make a difference in the lives of those who receive it!


Here are some pictures and movies from our very colourful trip:

IMG_20171007_101007.jpg    IMG_20171008_143628.jpg

IMG_20171012_145721.jpg  IMG_20171014_152902.jpg  IMG_20171016_180918.jpg IMG_20171016_160209.jpg   IMG_20171017_170148.jpg    IMG_20171017_170016.jpg

Anni sharing the gospel in a visual way, also known as “the cups and cookies”



IMG_20171017_201547.jpg                IMG_20171017_204027.jpg               IMG_20171017_205839.jpg




IMG_20171018_105118.jpg    IMG_20171021_112818.jpg     IMG_20171022_130410.jpg


IMG_20171022_181455.jpg    IMG_20171022_161710.jpg     IMG_20171024_132045.jpgIMG_20171024_163921.jpg      IMG-20171024-WA0007.jpg     IMG_20171025_115017.jpg  IMG_20171025_114653.jpg



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