Friday 03.11.17, Yes, I’m back in town! :D 

Ooh, how fun it is to be back to Finland! To be free to walk and do everything you want. Not to say that India wasn’t good, but as a foreigner, you can’t walk around and pray for people on the street. Or you can try but you might be sent away from the country. 

This weekend we went to visit my wife’s (Anni) parents. Anni had to be in Helsinki for her work during the morning, so I went on my own to Hämeenlinna to do my work and pray for people at the big mall, Goodman, until my wife would arrive in HML. I had two hours to let people meet Jesus.

In this picture you see me with a former muslim who met Jesus in a very special way. It felt like Jesus was always talking to her. Now she goes to an Arabic church in Helsinki and is strenghtened by it. We were talking for more than a half an hour on the street and ended by praying for her situation. Next time when I’ll visit HML again, Anni and I will visit her. Also later on I want to go twith her to the shoppimgmall to pray for people. We exchanged telephone numbers and said goodbye.

Ooh my, these guys were fun and had a lot of time. As no one had pain and one of them even recognised me from an earlier encounter (I couldn’t remember) I started to share a bit what I did and gave them a card with a links to TLR-movies. We had a very good talk and when I left they all said happily “goodbye”, some even said: “it was nice talking to you!” 🙂 Great!

It was time to go inside:

The first person I saw was an African woman on a bench. I asked how she was feeling. If there was any pain. Her legs hurted from time to time. Now it was like a 4 on a scale of 10. I prayed for her and after two prayers all the pain left. We talked a bit about different things and then there came another woman who had pain in her neck. I prayed several times for her and it slowly went away. The young woman didn’t expect this but had to leave quite soon after she had expressed lots of thanks. 

After this I went a bit around in the shop and asked a gang of muslim looking guys if someone had pain. One of them had pain in his legs. After some praying it slowly went away until some other friend of him started to talk to him in a fiercy way. Now the guy said: “Ooh no, I’m just joking, I still have pain”. I had the same experience at the station of Aalborg were I kickstarted an older woman with her son.

I had a great evening on the streets of Hämeenlinna! 😀

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