Thurday 09.11.17, It’s a command


I don’t feel always so enthousiast to go on the street (see rainy/grey picture from the street today) but when I read my bible I feel so blessed to know Jesus personally. I don’t want to keep this for myself!  What is even more, when you read the bible, you know Jesus commanded us to GO “as sheep amongst wolves” so we can’t just “put aside” Jesus’ command.

This is the first year I have been doing this (praying for the sick on the street) and I didn’t expect such a result. This year I have seen more than 200 people healed, baptized more than 5 people and there are 3 people I try to “disciple” now. Yes, this going out and praying for people gives surely LIFE to your spiritual body.

Today I went to Prisma (a shop in Finland) and I could pray for a guy who had some neckpain, painlevel 6 from 10. After the first prayer it went down to 3 and after the second prayer, all pain was gone! Nice! I shared some gospel to him and two friends who were standing closeby!

I went inside the shopping mall and a muslim refugee friend had pain in his neck (painlevel 3 or 4 from 10). I went down to 0.5-1, but then his muslim friend spoke to him in Arabic. I don’t know what he said but after this his pain “came back”. Strange?! I have seen the same thing in Belgium and not long ago in Denmark. I wonder if he speaks the truth? I feel these people, (who first say the pain is gone but after a comment from a friend chabge their mind) are just lying because of peer pressure. I told him that the pain could still go away later but that for now, I would stop.

At the citymarket I spoke to some teenagers, and one took a pic of my contact card and said goodbye.

I even met somebody who had been healed by my peayer before and who was waving at me. This guy happily told his friend about it, when I asked his friend if he had any pain. But he didn’t and didn’t seem so interested.

It was time to go home. Still I spoke to some people, but no one had pain or wanted to talk. Pity, but we just need to do what our master commands! It doesn’t have to take the whole day: today for example I was out just for an hour 😀


2 thoughts on “Thurday 09.11.17, It’s a command

  1. God bless you Tim😊, I pray for the courage to do what you’re doing. I sometimes have to urge to ask people on the street if I could pray for them especially those sick and on a wheelchair but then something holds me back and that breaks my heart. I pray for courage because that’s showing love from within.


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