Friday 10.11.17, So what if they don’t have any pain?

The past days I’ve been reminded that eventhough I go nearly everyday to the same shops in my city, Forssa, there’s still different people every time! For example two days ago somebody said to me that he had never seen me, but he had heard about me (upper secondary school students in Forssa have been calling me a “missionary from Belgium”). He sounded even a bit glad that he now saw me, because many people had spoken about me.  I’m quite happy that they know there is somebody who takes the Bible for real and prays (for healing and other things) and talks to people outside the church building. Of course there is also lots of teenagers who, when seeing me, start doing all kind of silly things to make me feel ashamed. I forgive them and pray that they might have a real encounter with Christ before it’s too late!

On Friday morning I went to PRISMA shop and while passing through the “Pizzabuffa” I asked some teenagers who were just sitting there if they had any pain. When they said “no”  I asked them if they knew why I was asking this. Some said “yes”, some said “no”. In both cases I took the time they gave me to explain that I want all of them experience that Jesus is “REAL” and that He offers us eternal life, which we can only get by repenting and being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.  I like to talk about Jesus, but I’m now also learning not to talk too much on my own, but also to engage them by asking questions. I’m learning every day 😀 having spoken to two groups (no one had pain) I went into the shop. When I came out I saw a group of three older ladies on a bench. I went to them and asked in Finnish if they had any pain. Two ladies left, but one of them said she had and let me pray for her. In the end I couldn’t make up if she felt a difference after the prayer because she didn’t speak or understood any English and spoke quick Finnish. Also she didn’t seem to understand that I spoke “JUST A LITLE BIT” Finnish 😀  Anyway what I did understand was that she wanted me to pray for her so I did. With a smile on our face we both said goodbye.

I went back to the Pizza buffa place and had a VERY good encounter with a group of teenagers who didn’t have pain and didn’t know why I asked this. They were very open and looked very sincere. At the start I could see one of them trying to hide that he was laughing a lot; but as he saw that the others were really interested and one even believed in Jesus (when I asked) he became very silent.

I went away, to the next shop. While I was walking I met another guy who had been healed before and had some pain today too. Now he explained that he had pain in his leg and wanted me to pray for him.. One prayer and all the pain was gone. Glory to God!

He couldn’t speak English so I could only speak “basic” Finnish to him. For example it is still too hard for me to talk about baptism in Finnish. I pray that I will be able some day to ask him also those things because Jesus is also searching for his heart!

Now that I’ve been praying for people on the streets for a year I’m starting to put more thoughts to talking with people without pain. In the start, if people didn’t have pain I mostly left them quite quickly to search for someone else. Now when people don’t have pain, I ask them if they know why I asked about it. That can quite often lead to a conversation and there is people who are open to listen!

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