Friday 17.11.17, All pain has to leave

Wednesday or Thursday I saw two of my refugee friends in the Prisma café. I went to them and asked if they had pain. They didn’t speak English, so we continued in basic Finnish. One of them had some neck pain: every time I prayed the pain went gradually down from 9 to 0.5/10. Then they spoke with each other in Arabic. I said once more “all neck pain leave now in Jesus name” but instead of that last bit of pain going away, it all came back! I was confused but had to think back on those times when we were praying in Denmark for a group of youngsters at the station. Anyway, I want to believe what people say and told him that I don’t know why everyone I pray for isn’t healed. Anyway Jesus commanded us to “heal the sick” so there is no question about it, why I pray for people who are sick or have pain. Still, when I left these two refugee friends I was thinking “Ah, what a pity”.

On Friday I saw them again sitting at the Prisma coffee. I first passed some teenagers and asked them if they had any pain, and if they knew why I was asking this. I had a small talk with them. Then I went to the table were my refugee friends were sitting. The friend of the one I prayed for the other day said immediately that he had a lot of neck pain. I asked him if I could pray for it and he gave me permission. I think he said it was pain level 9 on a scale of ten. After some prayers all pain went away.


Now his friend said to me that he still had lots of neck pain: He said 100 (on a scale of 10!) Now when I prayed all the pain went gradually down to 0. Hallelujah! I was so glad. Since they didn’t speak English and my Finnish skills are still quite basic I couldn’t continue to explain the gospel to them.


Let this be an encouragement for each of us that we have to persist! Pain has to leave, the price has already been paid! 😀







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