Saterday 18.11.17 When people get to know you!

When we went to the English speaking church on Saterday I saw somebody I prayed for before in the Prisma shopping center. Now he was here together with his Arabic friend. He waved to me and appologized himself and said that he was sorry that he didn’t call me back (we exchanged phone numbers in the Prisma shop after I spoke with him/he didn’t had pain). Now I had a very good conversation with his Arabic friend who had become a Christian. He explained to me; “if you talk to a muslim just ask him “what has Mohammed done for you? You always have to pray for him, but he has done nothing for you! If you compare this with Jesus you know that he has died for our sins and now he is saying pray for your enemies; that’s totally different than Mohammed who said that we should kill our enemies!” We spoke about much more, but we surely will be more in contact as he gave me his number.

I’m so glad that God is connecting  me with all kind of  people for His sake.

When my wife and I were walking to the Prisma shop after church, suddenly two young  men (teenagers) came to me and one of them asked me if I still knew him. I was a bit perplexed. Normally I have to go to the people to start the converdation but he just came to me! I said that I have prayed and spoken with so many teenagers that I don’t know everyone by face anymore. My wife (who was standing just behind me) turned to him and said “yes, he prays and talks to the people here everyday”.

Now I looked the guy in his face and asked him if he had any pain. He said “no” but his friend who stood next to him had pain in his stomach. I asked him first how much the pain was on a scale of ten and he said 9. After the first prayer it went down to 5 and after the second prayer all pain was gone. Amazing. I asked him if it was “realy” gone and now his friend said to me “yes, I believe him”. Then the person with pain said to me that it was all gone. Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!

This is the place where the young man was healed (I didn’t have time to take a pic with them so this is a pic with my wife just after we met them)

I wanted to ask if I could take a picture but one of them said that they needed to go so we said goodbye!




2 thoughts on “Saterday 18.11.17 When people get to know you!

  1. Yes, a cool argument.I used it once, but the muslim youngster didn’t give a respons back; at least not on that argument… Maybe I should wait ’till he gives me an answer back on that question. Anyway, I’m not their to win an argument, just as you (I know ) :S . Before the hectic times comes we should maybe try to skype again Dmytro! 😀


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