Tuesday-Wednesday 21-22.11.17; O yeah, I like this!!!

On Tuesday we were invited to the embassy of Belgium in Helsinki. Like you can read in several of my posts, I like traveling because “all kind of things” happen mostly when your in a new environment/or when you are travelling, for example; when I went to Tervola! Or when I had the opportunity to pray for people who were sick/had pain on trains and airports.
When we were sitting on the bus heading to Helsinki we listened together to a book we bought on our “Kindle” (electronic liberary). The book we were reading together was “The Insanity of Obedience, Walking with Jesus in Tough Places”.
The two times, two hour drive passes by so quickly when you are listening to a very interesting  book! I would recommend this  to all travellers!

To come to the point: When we were at the Belgian ambasade I searched for opportunities to share the gospel to people, but they were not interested. I believe that in such cases you better keep quiet in stead of sharing the gospel to people who are not interested at all. Now I kept the contact, we had a good conversation and an “outspoken wish” to see each other again.  They know what we believe and were not “mocking or condemming” what we were doing. Let’s see “if” and Helsinki“when” we will see again.

The reception was over and we walked back to the bus station Kamppi.  While walking a girl came running towards us and stopped right in front of us. I couldn’t help myself but automatically asked if I could ask her a weird question. “Do you have somewhere pain at the moment”? Immediately she said; “yes! A lot of pain in my right leg. But that will be from the running”, she said. I asked her if she could give the pain level a number from 1-10.  She said quickly; “8”. “Waaw, that’s a lot of pain. Can I pray for it”? “Of course” she replied. I told the (leg)pain to go in Jesus name and all the muscles and ligaments to be healed in Jesus name and asked her how it felt now. She said that she couldn’t feel it right now. To be sure I prayed the same prayer again and asked her again if there was still any pain she could feel. “No” she said. So, before the pain level was 8 now it is 0″. She said “yes” with a big smile on her face and thanked us. We said that we didn’t heal her but that we just did what Jesus commanded all his disciples to do. (Heal the sick, … Marc. 16:17-18 NIV. “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”. Glory! We are getting more and more used to see people getting healed when we pray for them; still every time someone gets healed it is a nice thing to witness! We explained some gospel and gave her a trackt with references to the TLR-movie and the pioneerschool, etc.

On Wednesday I went to the Prisma shopping center and came to sit right before my moslim friend. We spoke about Jesus and Koran. He still has difficulties with Jesus as son of God. We had a nice conversation over a coffee table and suddenly a youngster sitting at another table close by started to wave at me and say “hey”! For me that’s an invitation so I said to my muslim friend that I needed to go to them and left.


Because I’m already one year doing the same kind of thing in the Prisma shop (searching for people with pain where I could pray for). They all knew, very well that I “would” or “could” ask this. Could it be that this was the reason of them calling me?  Standing beside the group I said “hey, someone here with some pain”? … Yes, a girl sitting at the couch said quite quickly; Yes, my head hurts. I asked her the pain level and she said it was like a 6/10. I prayed the first time and it went down to 5/10 (not such a big difference, but something was happening!:) I prayed a second time and either it was all gone or it went down to 3 (I do not know anymore);  just one more prayer and all pain was gone. Now the guy sitting next to her said also to have some pain in his back. I said to him that he had to stand next to me and after I prayed and commanded the pain to leave he had to touch with his hands his tows. At least “as much as he could” and then he had to tell me how his pain level was compared with the pain level before the prayer. I think that after two prayers all the pain was gone. Some other guys came standing with us; looking what was happening. Now, a guy who I knew to be very critical and always to be “against” everything I had to tell said to me that he had “a lot of pain” in his stomach. I asked “how much” and he said +10.  I said, no problem and took his hand and prayed one prayer and the guy started to speak some unknown Finnish to his friends (I think it was some swear words and some amazement). I asked him if he still could feel some pain and he said, NO! Amazing, my God is amazing! I started to tell them the need to repent, (be forgiven) and to be baptised; in water and to receive the Holy Spirit but knew that giving a card with some information would probably be better. So that’s what I did. I still told them that if they had any questions, they should write a mail to me and  I could come to talk with them in the Prisma Caffee or somewhere else.

What a day!!

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