Friday 24.11.17, A Crazy Friday, were 3- people get healed !


My wife just left to Turku to meet a friend who just gave birth. This ment that I would be on my own until Sunday when I would join their gang.

After the bus came and I had said goodbye to my wife I went to Prisma. In Prisma I saw that lot of teenagers were hanging around at the Pizza buffet. I went to them and asked if they had any kind of pain. Most of them I recognised and they were not anymore confused by me asking this question. Two of them had pain. I prayed for both of them and they both got totally healed. One of them with pain level 9 the other pain level 6 (Sometimes I don’t know so good anymore “who” had “what number” of pain level because I pray almost daily for people with pain who get healed!”).

But like I said in my former posts. If they have no pain I continue with asking them “if they know why I ask this question”. Mostly they say “yes”, but when I ask them to repeat to me “why exactely” most of the times they can not answer. So I tell them that “Jesus is alive and has died on the cross to take our sin away, but also all our pain & sickness. So if you have any pain I will pray for you and your pain/sickness will have to leave. You’ll see and feel it because Jesus is REAL and I want all people to know that He’s REAL. And if He’s real, everything He said must be real! He wants to give you eternal life; but to have that eternal life you have to take his hand. How? By repenting towards God, being baptised into Jesus; and He’ll promises you to give you his Holy Spirit. From that moment on you can do just the same as I do; pray for the sick and they will get healed. That’s by the way something Jesus wants all Christians to do! Praying for the sick is a very easy way of evangelising! Remember, He is sending us out as lambs among wolves! (Luke 10:3).

Waaw, today I had good and long conversations. To one guy I could explain the gospel in the cups and cookie style (see video under where my wife explains the gospel in the cups and cookie-style like TLR has taughed us (for more see post “incredible Luke 10 story“), others didn’t want any prayer. One young girl with crutches was so confused when I prayed for her that she laughed all the time. Her pain level down but it was very difficult to make something up out of her talk to her mother while she was al the time laughing. So when a teenager passed me and said he wanted to talk with me I left them.


When I finally left the shop I saw another muslim friend (I have lots of Muslim friends in Forssa).  We had a nice talk and when we were about to end I asked him if he had any pain. His leg hurted with pain level 9 from 10 so I asked if I could pray for it and he said yes. I think all pain left after two prayers. First it went down to 7, than to  0). God is great!Hallelujah. When I asked Him if He knew that Jesus had just healed him he said a bit confused, Jesus? No God. I didn’t want to argue with him because He’s my friend and I’m certain that He will find “the light” just like Jesus had promised that anyone who searches for Him will find Him. But if I don’t start praying for him he probably won’t be able to see the light that Jesus wants to shine upon him. So this was maybe a reminder for me that I should start to pray for that friend too!  I let him take a picture of my contact card and smiling we said goodbye to each other.

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