Tues-Wed 28-29.11.17, Israelites and Arabs working hand in hand!

On Tuesday morning I went to Prisma and found one person with pain were I could pray for. The young man got healed but didn’t want to be on the picture. I took a picture from the place were the healing took place and continued my shopping. People are not always open to hear the Gospel, eventhough they are just healed. Anyway, we can trust the Holy Spirit that He’ll use every encounter and healing for his purpose! He can bring it to mind; when the person needs it and starts seeking God.

IMG_20171128_153751.jpgOn Tuesday evening I went with my wife to an evening where a messianic Jew was telling about his work in Israel side by side with his Arab Christian friend. He was originally from a non-religious  jewish family. He told us about his miraculous conversion how he came to God while being in jail in South Africa. He actually came to faith by talking with a “backslidden” portuguese christian, who was also in jail and dedicated himself back to God during the conversations. God is amazing and he can use anyone to preach his words and God’s word has the power to totally change people’s lives! These two men, a former Jew and a former Muslim want to show, that there can be unity among those who follow Jesus and it doesn’t matter what our backgrounds are! A great godly attitude and a lesson to learn!  Now they work together hand in hand on an Arabic project reaching the Arabic children in Israel, especially orphans and other marginalised children.

The name of their project is YES FOR CHILDREN. Their VISION is to raise up a generation of children who: Know their value; are positive, confident and proactive. Children who will be equipped to overcome the challenges they face and who have healthy relationships with themselves and others, children who are a positive influence in their homes and communities. The project leaders prioritise reaching children who are marginalised.

It was really nice to hear the stories and see some videos about how Gods light shines through this children’s program.  The program is making an impact on these children who are not always living in perfect and happy circumstances. Basically they do all kind of activities with the children to make them smile again. God loves especially the children; we can see that when Jesus was here on earth (Math. 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”) and that’s why they focus on the kids.

The wife of this Arab Christian man had also women’s groups for example for the workers in the orphanage’s. In the groups they couldn’t openly share the gospel from the start, but they still had amazing testimonies: for example few different times a woman came on the first meeting to ask the wife, where had she gotten the amazing peace she had upon her. Before the wife had time to meet with her privately, she saw a dream about Jesus on the cross, who told her, that He has died to give us peace: this woman came to faith later on with the help of the wife who was leading the group. Still later God gave a dream about Jesus to another woman in the group and sent her to contact this first lady who had come to Christ 😀 God is Almighty! There was many more stories and many women and children had had a dream about Jesus saying to them; “I am Jesus and I love you”. God is reaching out to people, and not only by “healing” or “setting people free”.

Even if this year God has shown me an amazing tool to reach people and make disciples (healing, preaching, casting out demons) I was reminded that God doesn’t only works by opening the eyes of the people through “healing” but also by reaching out with love and joy towards the marginalised/rejected/low esteemed people.

On Wednesday I went to my favorite shops (Prisma; K-market) but there was no people or teenagers hanging around. It was also “freezing cold” and not so nice to be outside so I tried to find people inside shops who had pain. Just when I wanted to return home two teenagers passed me so I quickly asked them if either of them had any pain which I could pray for. One of them had pain in his hand (pain level was 4 from 10) and he let me pray for it. When I finnished the short prayer I asked him how his pain was and to his own amazement he said it was all gone! Glory to God 😀 Even though they were on the move and had no time to go into a big talk, God still met this guy with his healing power. I pray that Holy Spirit would send different people and happenings to this young guys life so that at some point he could find Jesus as his Lord and Saviour


The empty marketplace in Forssa




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