Thursday 30.11.17, Conquering Lahti with the love of Jesus with Miika and Miro

IMG_20171130_142210.jpgSo nice it was! Surely I’ll have- and will do this much more!!

Thursday I took the bus to go to my friend Miika who lives in  Lahti.

I know Miika as a faithful brother in Christ who loves to go on the streets/”into the harvest” to search for that one/”or more” person(s) of peace and connect them with Christ, just like I’m doing!
Once I called Miika to assist me with “casting out demons” of someone, now it was my turn to go to him and assist him with going out on the streets/shopping malls in Lahti to spread the gospel!

I left Forssa (my “city”) at 12h; and came to Lahti (another city in Finland) at 14h. We were very happy to see each other and to go on the street with each other. What a joy it is when brothers in Christ can meet each other and help each other side by side “walking out” the Great commission!
Really! This is an encouragement for each of you! If you want to go to the streets, and don’t want to go (always) alone, search someone on the TLR-map who lives close by and ask that person if you can assist him/her with “going out” (into the harvest) togehter! I can guarantee you; you’ll be very happy afterwards! And not only you, you’ll have made a new connection with a brother or sister in Christ whom you might not have know! I’m sure he or she will be more than happy!

So, we first went to the big shopping mall in Lahti and searched for some people with any kind of pain/sickness. I had some good conversations with some people who took a picture of my information card with links to the TLR-movie(s), my e-mail adres and a link to my blog ( I told them that they could contact me if they had any questions; they said they would do that! While I was talking with a girl who was selling me something, I saw that Miika had found two young teenagers with some pain where he could pray for. Later I heard that one of them had pain in her shoulder and after Miika prayed for it it totally went away. They were amazed and Miika could tell about the amazing power of God who had healed her! Now her friend said that she had a flue and Miika could also pray for it if he wanted. Of course! Miika prayed for her friend who had the flue and after the prayer this friend of her could feel already that she could breath much better! Glory to God! 😀

IMG_20171130_163617.jpgLater Miro (a friend of Miika) joined us and when Miika went outside the mall with Miro, Miika found still somebody else with pain. He asked the person with a head ache if his friend (Miro) could pray for it. The guy with the head ache said it was ok, so Miro prayed and all pain left. The person was amazed! Miika and Miro shared the gospel with him I could see that he was still amazed by what just happened to him (it was all in Finnish so I didn’t understand everything what they said, but that’s ok!).

There was still another woman with all kind of pain who met Miika outside the shop. Miika could pray for her and it went better but after that it stayed the same. We know that we have to continue with praying but that ‘s really hard when the person kind of “thanks you” and (wants to) walks away.
A pity! But those things just happen (also with me, and I believe that you have had the same experiences we have!) Questions we leave in the hand of God, we don’t understand always the “why” and “how”. Anyway, we continue no matter what! I feel strongly motivated by what Jesus tells us in Luke 10:1-3

Luke 10:1-3Living Bible (TLB)

The Lord now chose seventy other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs to all the towns and villages he planned to visit later.

 These were his instructions to them: “Plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers to help you, for the harvest is so plentiful and the workers so few. 3Go now, and remember that I am sending you out as lambs among wolves“.


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