Saterday 02.12.17, Dinner shopping and a healed throat!


Guy in the middle was healed by one prayer. He had troath pain, pain level 4/10

When my wife and I walked out of the shop we saw some guys sitting on a bench. Immediately I thought; hmm, I should ask these guys if they have pain. So when we were about to pass them I told my wife that I would go and ask them.  I went to these two guys on the bench and asked them if they  had any pain. The guy sitting on the right side of the bench said “no”; but the guy sitting on the left side said “I’m not sure” So I asked “where and how much” he had pain. He said he had troath pain, and the level of pain was  “4 out of 10”.

I asked him if I could pray for him. The guy (let’s call him Danny) asked  a bit puzzeled; “pray”? And my wife explained to him in Finnish what I would do. He said that that was ok, so I took his hand and prayed a short prayer. Then I asked him how much pain he still had.

He swallowed a few times and after a short silence he said it was gone (“poissa”). We could see that he was very surprised with the outcome. I was smiling because I have seen this so many times and wasn’t surprised at all.

I also told him that Jesus sais in Bible that we should pray for the sick and that they would get healed. (In Luke 10 we can even read that Jesus sends 70 (KJV) disciples, which in bible symbolises ALL the nations out to heal the sick and preach the gospel. We all know that God doesn’t change; so also we are called if we call ourselves disciples to heal the sick, and preach the gospel). I told them that this is what I do these days!
I was very happy for him and asked him to take a picture from my contact informations. I told him to check the movie; my wife gave him a card with the YouTube-link to both TLR-movies; and told him that he could mail me if he had any questions. He said he would check the movie and was knodding.

We said goodbye to them and continued our way back home to make dinner. .

2 thoughts on “Saterday 02.12.17, Dinner shopping and a healed throat!

  1. That was a great example of being a disciple, Tim! Healing someone’s sore throat doesn’t come up very often in our outreach ministry. Good work!
    Also, you have a very beautiful wife!
    Hello Anni!
    From Doris in Canada


    1. Thank you Doris! I’ll tell my wife! 😀
      Yes we love to step out and see God move through us. Yes a healed troath is something small but he surely felt the difference and that’s so nice! He will have something to think about!
      I’m more and more drawn to God as He wants to have an intimate relationship with us above all other things! Sometimes we can be trapped into “doing to much FOR the Lord”, instead of “knowing Him”.
      Many blessings, Tim


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