Thursday 07.12.17, It’s not about the healing!

Wednesday (06.12.17) I went with my wife  to Hämeenlinna to celebrate the Independance day of Finland.


On Thursday I went with Anni to the shopping mall Goodman basically to pray for the sick and share the gospel. My wife would do some grocery’s and join me when finnished.

It became a day where God reminded me on the fact that it’s not about the healing but all about us sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world that is last and has no direction where to go to. (Healing is just a tool  Jesus gave us “to confirm what we are saying, or to open up their ears”)
I’m most likely to go first to teenagers, as you can see on the following pictures, because of my background as teacher when I lived in Belgium. I’m really drawn to those teenagers (12-25y). My wife did some Christmas shopping and took some pictures when I was talking to them. Here are some pictures of my conversations:





At last I had a very good conversation with a group of teenagers. One of the girls had some pain that she couldn’t feel at the moment. She had an appointment with a doctor two weeks later so she would know if the prayer, I was about to pray over her, had worked. I prayed two short prayers for her and commanded the sickness to go and the body to be totally healed in Jesus name! I had to think back on a moment when I was at the station in Belgium waiting for a train to go to the airport where I prayed for one black lady who got healed in her neck. Later on the girl send me a mail to thank me; this is what she wrote:

Good morning,

I just want to thank you for laying hands on me in Starbucks at the train station in Gent. You touched my neck/shoulder and it was gone minutes later. I ran a good race that day and did not feel the pain that was nagging me while running on the European Curcuit. God is real. You opened my eyes even more that day. Thank you.

Sometimes we don’t find people who have pain but people who are open to “listen and talk” with you, you can find very quick!  I learned a new method to share the gospel from my friend and brother in faith, Mikka Toivanen. (click on his name and you will see) and if they want to know more you can start to tell the gospel in a “Peter Ahlman or Thorben Sondergaerd style.

Always remember!
Brothers & sisters, we’re blessed whenever we go out on the street to share the gospel because Jesus is with us! He’ll never leave us!  AMEN!


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