Weds-Thursday 13-14.12.1017; spending some (more) time in Lahti :)

From my experience I know that it is good to go with other brothers(&-, or sisters) in Christ on the street to share the gospel of Christ. Why?

1. You learn a lot (more than when your by yourself!)

2. You have more courage to continue after some people have put you down


3. Jesus said: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matt.18:19-20.
Do we need more reasons?

So I made a plan to go to the streets for the second time in two weeks with my friend and brother in Christ, Miika T.


Here are the highlights of our two day encounter:

We started to go to a Christmas market and ask people if they had some time to listen to us. Some said “yes”,  others said “sorry, not now”. I think this is a right approach for different reasons: 1. You ask if they have time to talk in stead of just assuming/or almost “demanding” that they have to make time to listen to you 2. Some people really appreciate that you ask! and 3. Out of experience I know that they won’t run away so easily after they said they have time to listen.

One of the first persons I went to was someone who was selling some clothes at the Christmas IMG_20171213_153245.jpgmarket and who seemed to have time as he was not all the time busy. After asking him he said he had some pain in his back. I was allowed to pray for him and all his pain left after the first prayer! Hallelujah! I told him that Jesus had healed him and that He wanted to give him much more, eternal life but that we still have to do some things to be able to take hold of the eternal life that God has for each one of us. I explained some gospel but had to stop a bit later because a new customer had come to check the articles that he was selling.  I had to look for other persons. (Even though I couldn’t say so much, a seed has been sown and the Holy Spirit can use this encounter he had with the power of the Holy Spirit).


Than I saw some Arab looking guys going down the stairs. As I have had some good conversations with Arabic people; or youngsters who were muslims I’m eager to start a conversation with them. But as they were on their way I just asked them quickly if they had some pain. They stopped and asked why? I explained that I wanted to pray for it because I have seen a lot people getting healed on the streets. The guy on the picture just came from hospital and had lots of pain in his knee. (7 on a scale of 10). When I prayed a few times it went down till 1. But then his friend showed me his arm that was in pain and asked me to pray for it; I prayed once and the guy said that it was better and wanted to leave together with his friend. I explained them quick that Jesus had healed them but they needed to go.
People might argue; Oooh! You didn’t talk enough about Jesus. I would say: “true! But there was no time for, or even no occasion to talk about Jesus; I just boldly asked them if they had some pain. A Fin; or a Belgian (I’m a Belgian living in Finland) would just walk away but these people are (sometimes) much more open to receive healing. When someone is healed the Holy Spirit can use it for Gods honour. This healing might not be the argument that leads them to Christ but it will help a lot when someone  else (an insider?) tells them about Jesus. They will be reminded (by the Holy Spirit) that Jesus once healed them too.

I wanted to go back to Miika but passed a 20-y old girl who was standing still so I started to talk to her. She said she was also a Christian so the conversation took another turn. Now Miika joined the group. The girl had difficulties to tell in English what she wanted to say so I said that my friend spoke Finnish. Miika  (who had been listening) gladly continued in Finnish. I didn’t understood all what they were saying but it seemed that she was baptised as a baby and didn’t saw why she should be baptised as an adult. They still spoke some time but it seemed that she wasn’t open for more so we left.

I could sleep at Miika’s place so the next day we went again on the street and shared the gospel with people who had time to listen.  Miika had again some good talks with people; on one occasion I remember that he was speaking to an older man who told Miika “out of the blue” that he had some pain in his side. Miika, said: ah, ok. Well, here’s your Christmas gift; in Jesus name be totally healed. “how is the pain now” ?  “It’s gone!?!” “Yes, that’s Jesus where I’m talking about”! 😀 This healing was confirming everything Miika had been talking about to this man. Wonderful!

Miika found still another girl where he could explain baptism with, share his own experience and tell how it totally changed him! He could also share about other peoples experiences who were taking baptism in Jesus name, wonderful!

I started realising that before I had been going on the street to talk to people about Jesus or heal people in Jesus name I had no idea how to “make disciples”. The more I use Gods power He has given each one of us (His disciples) the more I see how He has given us all the tools we need to make disciples! We just need to use them!
Much has to do with faith and courage! Do we believe that God will heal people when we pray for them? Or do we have the courage to go to someone on the street and just talk about Jesus to him/her? We need to realise that people are last without Jesus! Do we care about it?? That’s the question!

I still had some talks with teenagers but most of them were not open and I couldn’t go deeper. Now the language became a kind of barrier. It was time to go home. Miika and myself went to the bus station in Lahti and were waiting outside for the bus. In the meanwhile Miika found an older person to talk to and was sharing the gospel to her.

It was again amazing to see how we need to be prepared to share the gospel with everyone, at every  place, at every time! God is faithfull to bring us in contact with people who need Him. People who are standing amongst us! Are we ready?!

My bus came so I said goodbye to Miika and went back home. It had been a good time.


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