Wednesday 20.12.17, Christmas opens up new doors!

IMG_20171220_212023.jpgIt is Christmas time, so why not have another approach?

I firstly went to the bookshop to buy what I needed (see pic) and wrote down two questions on a paper which I would ask people.

The questions were:
1. What does Christmas mean to you?
2. What was the original meaning of Christmas? Do you know something about the origin of Christmas?

I saw a group of girls sitting on a bench and asked them these questions. The girls were happy and were eager to answer the questions. After I had asked these two questions I told the group of teenage girls where the roots of Christmas really came from.  I told them that Jesus was born to save the world by dying on the cross so that Jesus can forgive us when we repent  from our sins (=feel sorry and turn away from them). Maybe you will ask me, “what is sin”; “well sin is everything in contrary with Gods law. The ten commandments, remember?  How many of those commandments do you still know?” The girls could give two out of ten. “For example, if you lie once; you have broken the law! The law of God is like a vase. When putting the vase on a table and you give it a little push it will fall and probably brake in ‘1000’ pieces. That’s the same with God’s law; if you break one commandment; you’ve broken them all and that is (in a simple way of speaking) why Jesus came in this world. Every sin we have committed is punishable by death. Jesus died on the cross to take our (his followers’) punishment on him. The question is; do you want to be(come) his follower? If not, you still will have to pay the price with your life and go to eternal perdition/ eternal punishment! That’s not the place God wants you to be! You are all created in God’s image. Your wonderfully made!”.  These are the things I told them while talking to them. After that I moved on.

I went to the supermarket and bought some presents for a few of our friends. I searched for a Christmas card with baby Jesus but couldn’t find one! Many cards with Christmas trees, the Christmas man or two angelic woman but no one with the Child Jesus or the wise men on the travel to find baby Jesus.  Actually, Christmas is a Catholic feast and I do not know if I will continue with celebrating it. I think lots of Jewish feasts of remembrance are much closer to our faith than the Catholic feasts which are “made up” quite often with pagan roots!

I went out of the shop and saw two guys of 17-18 years old. I asked them the two questions and we had a nice conversation. I told them that they probably didn’t believe because they had never seen or experienced the living God whom I experience every day! They agreed.  “Does any of you have pain?” I asked. No, they had no pain.  “If one of you had pain I would pray for you and you would be healed! This would be a proof for you that there is more in life than just the things you see!” We had a nice conversation and said goodbye after 10-minutes. I let them take a picture of my contact card and told them that they surely had to watch the documentarie/movie of the last reformation and left..

IMG_20171220_204625.jpgWhen I passed the Pizza buffet I asked this boys group the two  questions I had asked the others before. They gave me their answers and after this I explained why Jesus was send to this world in the same way as I did with the girls. At the end I asked the group if someone had some pain? When Jesus died He took “all our sins”, but also “all our pain” on Him and that’s why I can command all pain to go away because Jesus paid already for it!  All guys said; “No, no pain” but there was one guy who showed me his hand and said that he had some pain in his hand. I could see that his hand was injured so I asked him how much the pain level was on a scale of 10. He said, “5” so I prayed for it and commanded all pain to go and the hand to be totally healed.  Now I asked him again, IMG_20171220_205620.jpg“how is it now”? He said “2” so I prayed again and asked him again how it was. He said, “no, it’s gone, thank you”! I said, “isn’t it wonderful?! I can’t heal you but Jesus who’s living in me can heal you through me. What do you think about it?” The guy looked surprised and said, “I don’t know”. I asked his friends what they thought about this healing. They knew their friend was not lying and said also that they didn’t know what to think about this. I gladly told them that I see this so much when someone lets me pray for his or her pain.  I told them that there was a movie/documentary that they really had to see and let them take a picture of my contact card.  It was time to go home so I left the group. The guy still thanked me and said it felt really good now!

I have a mustard seed and I'm not afraid to use it!

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