Sunday 31.12.2017; starting a NEW YEAR! :D

I wanted to spend my NEWYEAR’s eve different than ever before. I wanted to  go  out on the streets to share the Good News with people. I also wanted to be with same minded believers.  (i.e. disciples of our Lord Jesus) so I needed to find “a brother” with the same plan in mind.  My wife already warned me that I would probably meet a lot of drunk people, especially youth! (My target group) Anyway, I really had a burden to find someone who wanted to go with me on the streets at New Years Eve.

I forgot all about it but when I was “facebooking”  I saw that someone had contacted a fellow friend and believer to ask if he wanted to go out on the streets on New Years eve! This brother (Markku) would lead a worship service at his church (building) in Riiimäki and then he would go out during the New Years eve. I send him a mail and we made a plan to meet. This is a summery:

1. When we met at 16:30 we went for short time on the streets togehter to find people who were open and maybe wanted to join the worship meeting that evening. We firstly asked if the people had some time to listen to us.  It was a cold night so I was a bit surprised when I heard the first guy say, “yes, I have some time, I have nothing planned for now so please tell me what you want to say”. We shared the gospel with this guy as he believed that there was something but didn’t really know what, “but surely not one of the main religions” he said! He and his girlfriend had experienced something spiritual but didn’t want to talk about it. Anyway, we said that we didn’t like “religion” eather because also Jesus was against “religion”. Jesus came with a “relationship”. We had a relationship with God and wanted him to experience the same good God as we had.

We asked him if he had any pain and he said that his ears were closed. I prayed for it but he said that it was still the same. Then my friend prayed a short prayer and the guy said after a short while, strange but now my ear is open again. He also said that his ear goes open and closed all the time (what he didn’t say at the beginning) and asked if it would stay this way. Markku said that the pain/difficulty with the ear was gone now; a new pain or difficulty with the ear can come but that’s another pain; we can then pray for it again. (The bible tells us that “the believers shall lay their hands on the sick and they will recover”. If I remember correctly; I have also heard from people who told the unbelievers to put their hands on the pain (when it would return) and command the pain to go in Jesus name and that the pain went away! I guess that’s Jesus his way in showing that He has the power and is REAL! He isn’t bound to our theology 🙂

It was time to go back and start the worship service. After that we could go out again.

The worship service started at 18h and went on ’till 21h. At 22.30 we went out on the street again. We firstly visited a pizzeria/kebab place because one of our friends hadn’t eaten yet. After ordering I asked the guy who was taking the order if he had any pain. He asked “why” and I told him that I believe in a God who had already taken all the pain on him so I could command all pan to go and it would leave. This guy said that he had problems with sleeping so I prayed for him. “Tomorrow I will know if it has worked”, he said. The uncle of the restaurant’s owner came also to me and asked me if I could pray for his leg that was in pain (level 7 on 10). I prayed once and all the pain went away immediately. Amazing; God was at work! I shared some gospel but as they were at work and my friend was eating I went back to my friend after a while.

After my friend had finnished his meal we went out on the street togehter. It was New  Years, we met lots of adolescents and teenagers but most of them were to drunk to start a good conversation with. I started the conversation and my friend ended it always with the question if we could pray for something else (because they had no pain). Prayer is powerful because God can personally touch them through the prayer . After seeing the firework we went back to my friends home and jammed a bit. Togehter we had a lot of fun! I went back  to the church where I had a place to sleep.


When I was waiting on the train to go back the next day  I could still pray for a guy (who was approximately 18-22 years old) who had a lot of pain in his hand and leg. I prayed one time and all pain left with the first prayer in both cases! Hallelujah. The guy was happy and thanked me and showed me his cross. There was a kind of a language barrier what made it hard to go on talking to him. The train came and I couldn’t talk to him any more. Anyway I could return home with a smile on my face; 2018 had started wonderfull! I had made new friends, and I had seen the power of God at work! Hallelujah, blessed be YOUR NAME! 😀

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