Monday 08.01.18, Going on the streets of Helsinki with Otto & Teemu


08.01.18 on the streets of Helsinki with Otto & Teemu .9
@Kamppi, Finland.

On Friday I went with my wife to Helsinki to visit some friends.  Arriving at Kamppi Anni firstly did some shopping while I was trying to find one or more person(s) of peace. In Kamppi I already  had some good experiences. Today I had one good conversation with a group of teenagers/youth (see pic). Just one of them was really interested and open, but that’s what we are looking for! Meeting that one person who is open but needs some direction in finding the truth!  It’s an honour to help others understand the gospel better. It also shows you how important it is “to hear from God”; or “to know the truth yourself”!! I think “sharing the gospel” is quite the same as all other things; the more you’ll do it, the better you’ll become in it! And that’s why I like to do it regularly!


On  Sunday my wife went back to Forssa were we live; I stayed just one day longer to go on the streets with my friend and brother Otto. What I didn’t know was that also another friend and brother slept at his place for one day.  Togehter we would go on the streets the next day to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

What a pleasure it is when you’r togehter as brothers and sisters! Togehter working for the same goal; making disciples of all nations. It surely is a great motivation and encouragement to continue no matter what happens.

These are some highlights from that Monday when we went out to a big shopping mall in HSI.


08.01.18 on the streets of Helsinki with Otto & Teemu .6jpg
Me & Teemu, I prayed for someone’s leg that got healed and Theemu prayed for someone’s back that got healed!


We had some good conversations and Teemu and me went to some youngsters and asked them if they had some pain in there body? The guy with the yellow pullover had some pain in his right leg so I prayed for it and after two prayers the pain was gone. Also his friend had some back pain. His friend looked at me but I said that he would now experience that it’s not about me! It’s all about the Holy Spirit living in us. I told him that my friend would pray for him and he would get healed. Theemu standing next to the guy, prayed for his back and all pain left. Hallelujah! We explained that God had just healed them. They were Christian but their friend wasn’t so I said to these guys that they should pray for their friend whenever he was sick/had pain and their friend would feel the power of God too! 😀

Not long after this Teemu had to leave; bye Teemu; see you again!!

Otto and me went outside were we had started our day but not many seemed to be very open so we went back inside.


08.01.18 on the streets of Helsinki with Otto & Teemu .7jpg

      We were walking behind these persons and I get the intention that I should really talk to these guys so I “stopped” them and asked if they had some time to talk.

They both seemed to be from Turkey and spoke no English/or very bad. Now Otto had to proceed in Finnish but when they heard that I was from Belgium I could start speaking French to the oldest guy while Otto was talking to the youngest. The older one was Christian. The younger one not. We spoke a bit about what we were doing and asked if they had some pain but they didn’t had any pain. We continued our nice conversation and said goodbye after a while. They will certainly have something tot talk anout when we left..

It had become time to eat. We had a great lunch togehter and continued still a bit  before I had to go home. We met three muslims and  shared Jesus with them (one of them was really open and interested) so we gave him some answers on his questions. This guy seemed to be honest and knew (his version) of the bible pretty well.
These days it is so nice that almost every cell phone/ smart phone has internet by which you can open up the bible and let them see that the answer we’re giving him is straight from the bible.
This was one of the nicest discussions I have had with muslims for a long time. Though we had different opinions we just answered each other’s questions peacefully. After 20-30 minutes talking the guys had to leave. We still pray that this interested youngster will find the truth and come to faith.

Otto and I said goodbye and I wished him lots of happiness when he would meet with his small group that evening!

‘Till we meet again Otto&Teemu!
It was a pleasure to go together with you on the streets!


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