Wed-Thu 17.-18.01.18, 4 people got healed in Helsinki and London airports! :D

We were travelling from Finland to South Africa through London to my brothers wedding on Wednesday.

Before going on the plane in Helsinki airport I tried to find a person of peace. Nobody had any kind of pain so I couldn’t show Gods healing power, but I had some good conversations with non-believers.

Due to continuous snow fall our plane took of 3-hours too late! received_10209917788211617.jpeg

When we arrived in London a bit before 8:45 pm, we ran a long way trough the huge airport, in case we would just be able to catch our connection flight. We were already at the right terminal, but they said that we can’t make it and stopped us before the passport check. My family was at the same moment only boardning to the plane to SA, so we only missed it with around 15 minutes: for a moment it was quite frustrating to be so close to make it, but on the other hand we knew that God is in control about every small detail. The flight company offered us a hotel and food until our next plane to SA, which would leave the next evening.  The next day we decided to go a bit earlier to the airport, so I could search for some persons of peace (somebody who’s open to hear the gospel). I walked around in the big airport but no one had pain. I even went into the “prayer room” of “inter faith”, or something like that. There was one Muslim with whom I had a good conversation about Jesus our healer. If I remember correct he said to have no pain but his bloodlevels were not so good so I prayed for that. The muslim seemed very thankful. Then there came two other Muslims in the prayer room. I also asked them if they had pain. They thanked me and said that they had no pain for the moment. One of them had some back pain in the mornings, so I shortly prayed for it, but he couldn’t know if it was healed, since it hadn’t hurt at the moment. After that our conversation became too loud for other people who came to pray there, so I said goodbye to them.

Then I moved on and saw a guy with a piercing and tattoo, who stood next to his girlfriend. I went to them and started a conversation. It seemed that his parents were religious people but he didn’t need religion. I told him that I hate religion myself and that I have a personal relationship with Jesus and not just a religion with “do’s and don’t ‘s. “I believe that you need a personal experience with Jesus. Nobody can give you this only Jesus himself. Do you have any pain?” I asked him. He was a bit surprised and said that he didn’t have any pain at the moment but he would contact me when he would have pain. Now they needed to go so I left them.

I went one floor up and started searching for a cafeteria to have ‘afternoon tea’ (between my search for people I checked on my wife who was having some problems with walking and she suggested I would search for a place). While I was waking past a restaurant a waiter came to me and asked me if I wanted to eat at that place. I said I didn’t know but had also a question for him: “Do you happen to have any pain at the moment?”

I prayed for him, he got healed after one prayer. Another waiter next to him had also some back pain which also left after two short prayers. Now I went down to search my wife. We would eat at the place where the two people from that restaurant got healed. After I found my wife we went to the restaurant.

Surprisingly the guy with his piercing and a girlfriend were also in the restaurant. This guy (let’s call him Fabio) called me to come to him. He told me that he had some pain at the moment. I said “can I pray for it? “Sure”, so I prayed a short prayer and asked him how the pain level was. He was moving his shoulders and back searching for the pain bit couldn’t find it. His girlfriend seemed to be a bit laughing in unbelief.


I gave him a card and explained to him the basics of the gospel. Than we went in the cafeteria to eat.

When we were waiting for our food I went to a waiter I had already prayed for to ask to take a picture together. He didn’t want to be in a picture, so I asked his collegue next to him if he had pain. I could pray for him also and he got healed.


It was a pity, that we missed our first flight to SA on Wednesday evening and lost one nice day with my family, but God still used our time in London for his glory! You can use every spare moment to be a witness when you walk with God!

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