Monday 22.01.18, Praying for people in Southafrican shops

My wife and I came to stay at our friends Adriaan & Maurine close to Johannesburg on Sunday evening. They have to work during the week days, but in the mornings and evenings we’ve had great fellowship together: eating, sharing testimonies, praying.

On Monday Maurine could take us with her to a grocery store, because she needed to buy different things. My wife and I were following her and I was eagerly looking for people to pray for. Maurine was also asking some staff that helped her, if they had any pain, but they didn’t have pain this time.IMG_20180124_224048.jpg

I saw a white southafrican lady with crutches with her husband and went to ask her, if she had some pain (they call themselves “afrikaner”, since their mother tongue is called afrikaans, a language related to dutch). She had pain in her knees and hips and she let me pray for it. She said that it was much better already after one prayer, but to be sure I prayed still few times and asked if it was really gone.


She was happy but also maybe a bit confused that the pain went away. She let my wife take a picture of her and my wife told her that we would write her testimony to our blog. I gave them a card with our blog, email and links to The Last Reformation documentaries in youtube.


We visited still two other shops where I asked few people if they had pain and shared the gospel if they let me.


In the 3rd shop a woman who had seen me praying for the lady with crutches came to talk to us. She told that she had passed the woman with the crutches after the prayer and the woman had said to the husband in ‘afrikaans’ that her knee really was better! She was herself a Christian and was very excited and encouraged that I had prayed for this woman. We were very encouraged to hear what she told and also that she had met us again in a different shop and even came to tell it to us! I gave her my contact card with the links to TLR documentaries, so that she could be even more encouraged by all the testimonies in the movies and she would have the courage to pray for people herself.

The lady said that praying for people must be hard in South Africa, because people are not so open. We could’ve laughed if it wouldn’t had been rude. Our friend Maurine assured her that in Denmark where she was for 3 weeks and in Europe in general people are much more closed than in South Africa. It really seems that everybody everywhere buys the excuse that Satan whispers to our ears: “Amazing that healings happen elsewhere, but you know, my country and my city is such a hard ground and people are so closed here!”. We’ve seen it over and over again, that even if it might be harder in some places, there’s everywhere people who God has prepared. You just have to find the right people!





3 thoughts on “Monday 22.01.18, Praying for people in Southafrican shops

  1. Thank you Craig for the comment! It is really wonderful to see God at work through our lives!
    Remember you can do this too for we have the same Holy Spirit! 😀
    Be blessed my brother!


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