Wednesday 24.01.17, People are very open in South Africa!


Wednesday our hosts Adriaan & Maurine took a day off from work to take us on a trip. First we went to a flee market (Hartebeesepoort) full of all kind of souvenirs. While passing the sellers we asked them if they had any pain. Sometimes somebody would fetch us to pray for someone or just to see what we were doing. We had a lot of fun because everyone was healed after the first or second prayer. I’ve realised that “praying for the sick” is a lot easier in SA than in Europe, but sharing the full gospel (repentance towards God, baptism into Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and baptism of the Holy Spirit)  might be harder than in Europe because here in SA there is even more people who are stuck in religiousity.

Explaining that to be followers of Jesus we need to repent from our sins, being baptised unto  Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit!


I would say that the challenge in Africa is  finding the person who’s eyes Jesus has opened to leave all the religiousity behind and accept Jesus as the only way towards God. Anyway Adriaan, Maurine, Anni and I prayed for a lot of people who got healed. We got to share the full gospel to many, many people.


We drove a bit further and came to a restaurant. Before we went in Adriaan and I prayed for a middle aged woman who was sitting outside. Her legs were not even so we made her to sit and prayed for her legs to come even. After her legs became even we told her to check it and let her walk a bit. She said that her pain was now gone.


After that we went in to find our wives who were already taken to a table by our waitress. The waitress (a young woman) came to take the order. Adriaan asked her if she had any pain. She said she didn’t but was very happy to see us praying for people. She was also a born again Christian and full of the Holy Spirit. She said that she wanted to go to the nations to serve God. Adriaan was encouraging her wish but told her that she needed to start with serving God at the place were she lives before going to the nations. She hadn’t yet prayed for people on the street and would happily be kickstarted in praying for the sick. Adriaan gave her his contact card. This was the first day this waitress started to work at this restaurant. This meeting must have been lead by God. When they brought our food Adriaan also asked two other waiters if they had any pain. The man didn’t but the woman had a head ache which went away after a few prayers. After the food we walked out the restaurant and greeted the woman we had prayed for before we had gone into the restaurant. She happily greeted us.

After that we went to a grocery store were I asked a lot of people if they had any pain. I prayed for people and explained some gospel.  When we went out of the shop we talked to a white elderly man  who had a lot of bitterness in his heart because of all the bad things that had happened between black and white South Africans. He had some pain and let me pray a few times but when I asked him to test it he just laughed and went on with his bitter talk. After some time his wife came and talked a bit with Maurine. She was also sad about her husbands attitude and also suffering about it because she was a Christian and he wasn’t. We said good bye to them and started to drive back home.


Adriaan & Maurine had been asked to go and pray for a black woman called Elisabeth. Elisabeth had been diagnosed as having parkinson even though she was still in her 40’s.
We went together with Adriaan & Maurine to see the couple and pray for them. Adriaan & Maurine didn’t know Elisabeth personally but Elisabeth’s neighbour was a sister of their friend.

When we arrived we met with Elisabeth’s neighbour and her son and daughter. Together we went to Elisabeth’s home. Adriaan and Maurine asked Elisabeth and her husband a lot of questions to find out the root of this disease (when did it start? Was there something special happening in there life when the sickness started? Are there still some idols in the house like etc.. Elisabeth told that her main problems were that she was very weak, her hands were shaking and she couldn’t use her body properly.  After some praying they encouraged her to stand and start walking while they continued praying for her. At some point A&M asked Elisabeth to try to do things she couldn’t do before. She was moving her hands and at some point she started jumping. They came back to the living room to show the others what she was  able to do right now. A&M asked Elisabeth’ husband how long time ago it was  since he had seen Elisabeth being able to do this. The husband said not in some years.  Adriaan asked her to sit down and checked her legs. It seemed that one of her legs was shorter than the other so Adriaan prayed for her short leg to come out and be level again with the other leg. We all witnessed how the shorter leg came out and became the same length as the other leg. Hallelujah!

Now Adriaan asked also the neighbours daughter, if she knew if her legs were the same length. She said she didn’t know so we let her sit down and checked her legs. Adriaan asked me if I wanted to pray for her and I happely agreed. When she sat down on a chair and put both her legs in front of me I could see that one of her legs was just around half a centimeter shorter than her other leg. I commanded the shorter leg to come out and become level again with the other leg and as soon as I had spoken those words the shorter leg came out. Waauw! Everyone was amazed. Then Adriaan asked if the son of the neighbour knew if his legs were the same length. Also he didn’t know, so now Adriaan told him to sit down and let his sister pray for his legs to become level again. After she commanded the shorter leg to grow we could all see that the legs became the same length. Everyone was again amazed especially the daughter who had prayed for him. Adriaan still asked the mother if she would want to sit down to check if her legs were the same lenght.  She happily sat down and Adriaan suggested that the son would want to pray for her. While he was praying the mother said with excitement that she could feel how her shorter was growing. We all were very happy!

26962422_2030105110607928_8193483270402112404_o (2)

When he had prayed for his mother the son also said that his father’s legs were not the same length. So when we left Elisabeth we went to the neighbour’s house and Adriaan prayed for the father’s shorter leg to grow. After the payer the legs became even.  Jesus  showed again his power not only to Elisabeth and her husband but also to their neighbour and her whole family.

On the way back to home we passed a toll booth were we had to pay. While paying Adriaan quickly asked if the guy had some pain. The guy said that he had pain in his kidneys so Adriaan said; “Just give me your hand”. Adriaan thanked God for taking away all the pain and asked the guy to check it. The guy was stunned and told us that the pain was away. “This is Jesus for you”, Adriaan said and we drove away.

The lights of the toll booth




3 thoughts on “Wednesday 24.01.17, People are very open in South Africa!

  1. Respect, wonderfull work bro! Preise the Lord … Só great to see what Jesus is doing through you an Anni
    God bless a lot you guys


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