Thursday 25.01.18, We got thrown out from a mall even in South Africa!

On Thursday we went again to another shopping center to eat & pray. My wife also wanted to look around in the grocery store and a decoration shop which was a good opportunity to ask people in the shop if I can pray for them and share some of my testimony and share the gospel as much as they let me.

First we went to eat lunch and we decided that except asking the waiter we would only start praying for people after the lunch. We forgot to ask our waiter when he took our order. The lunch place was quite empty and inside the place there was only one other couple. When the couple was about to leave I quickly decided to go and ask them. The woman was actually walking with a crutch and she let me pray for her!


I asked her to check the pain by walking without the crutch. After several prayers she didn’t feel any pain anymore so she gave the crutch to the husband to carry.

When the couple left the lunch place, she gave the crutch to her husband and walked without it.

When the waiter brought our food, we asked if he had any pain. He didn’t have pain, but he had seen when I prayed for the lady and he said it was mind blowing for him! Also the waitresses had seen it and talked about it in their own language (at least my wife could hear them saying “Jesus” many time after it and they also where looking after the woman when she walked out without the crutch). We encouraged the waiter that he can also pray for people and see them healed since Bible says in Mark 16:16 that those who believe will put there hands on sick people and they will be healed!

After that we visited a grocery store. When my wife was looking around for things to buy, I was looking for people to pray for. Sadly the staff informed the manager of the shop who came to tell me that I had to stop praying for people in their shop.

On a bench in the corridor we saw an Indian looking man. He had pain in his knee and my wife and I both prayed for him. IMG_20180125_141224.jpgHe said that the knee felt better after the prayers, but the pain didn’t go away totally. While we were praying there came a white lady to sit on the same benches who was openly looking at the situation. She also had a crutch with her. After the man had to leave, my wife prayed for the woman. After the first 2 prayers we asked if there was any difference, but she also didn’t even test the knee. After the third prayer she said there was no difference, but when I asked her her to test it she right away told that it felt better. When she left, she didn’t use the crutch!

My wife went to another shop and I continued to ask people in the corridor. Surprisingly, a manager of the shopping mall came to me and said that I had to stop praying for people. She told that she is a Christian too and would be happy to see the clients at church, but that I can’t continue reaching out to them in the mall. After that we went outside to continue, what we where doing.

Outside I talked to many men who were sitting on the pavement or standing, but they didn’t have any pain. Black men are mostly very friendly and I could just go to them and say “How are you brother?” and shake their hand.


We visited a coffee shop to check if they sold some coffee beans. Two black ladies fetched a white lady, the manager, who told that they won’t sell their beans without ordering them for the client, but in the end she sold us one 250 grams bag coffee beans. We could also ask if we could pray for them. The manager didn’t have pain, but she suggested that we would pray for the other worker for a safe pregnancy and delivery. My wife prayed for her and also for the other worker whose thighs were hurting. After few prayers the pain went away! While my wife talked to the workers I was sharing the gospel with the manager. She actually told that they would have a free Healing seminar in a few weeks.

Still outside I could pray for a dancer’s back who was smoking before a dancing studio. The back felt better after the prayer and I shared some gospel with him.

I asked also some black ladies, but they said that they didn’t have pain. A group of young school boys were passing me and I asked them if they had any pain. They were silent for a moment, but then one of the boys said that his knee was hurting. Just after one prayer he tested his knee and his eyes opened big because all the pain was gone!


Still while waiting for Maurine to get us I asked different people who came out of the shopping mall. A group of three black ladies didn’t have pain, but one of them was in the end of pregnancy and said that we can pray that she would soon deliver. My wife prayed for her and also for the baby.

It seems that even if many Southafricans are open for prayer, it is not so common that a stanger would want to pray for you on the streets. People are used to have their churches and some who we prayed for asked afterwards, which church do we go to.  Also our friend Adriaan told that some would call him “a man of God” after they had experienced healing to honour him.

Black people seemed to be much more open for prayer than white people, but again it depended on the individual. Some white people were very open while some black people looked confused or suspicous and didn’t want prayer..

6 thoughts on “Thursday 25.01.18, We got thrown out from a mall even in South Africa!

    1. Hi sister! With gladness I share what God shows me just as Thorben has shown me that “Luc.10” is still valid for us today! 😀 We’re living for our king and I want to bring Him glory with my life 😀 Let’s both run this race ’till the end Jane 😀 Togehter we can make it! 😀
      blessings! Tim


  1. Awesome guys, I love the fire that burns within you guys. So great to see a couple in ministry together. God has such great plans for you. I feel the Lord saying to be still and hear his voice . He wants to lead you into unknown territory for you, and through this your faith will grow to a greater measure. I see you stepping up to more levels of faith and your wife stepping up also, as One in spirit with you.
    It’s going to be a season of growth for you, like a plant that’s just been fertilised, it’s roots go down stronger and it’s fruit more abundant.
    Rejoice in everything, be content in everything, for this is what it means to be a true disciple.
    Love you brother and sister.

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