Wed-Thursday 31-01.02.18; God is leading through small details!


With this blog I want to show the whole world that God is alive and is powerful. God is just waiting on people who would believe His word and act on it. I want to share in this blog how my everyday life is impacted by Jesus’ power.
Jesus says that the believers shall put their hands on the sick and they will recover (Mark 16:16-18), and “Everything is possible for the one who believes, Mark 9:23. In the end of Mark 16 it is written that God confirmed His word by the many miracles that happened through the hands of the apostles. If we don’t tell the Good News to this world God can not confirm His Word (the gospel) spoken through our mouth!

As I’m a full time disciple I have the privilege to go to wherever God calls me, at any time. On Thursday & Friday I was asked to go to Tampere and to help an uncle of my wife with taking the kids off- and to their school/day care. I left on Wednesday but forgot my cell phone loader so I went straight to the shopping mall to buy a loader before going to their house. Being in the mall I decided to pray already for some people:

Shopping mal KoskiKeskus in summer time

When I entered the big shopping mal I spoke with some teenagers asking them if anyone had pain? Some asked, “why”? I told them that I wanted to pray for them because I had seen many healings in Jesus name. They reacted violently and started to curse and swear at me so I left them right away. I don’t want to be a bother to people but want to search for that (one or more) person(s) of peace.




On the second floor I met some youngster. One of them got healed but except saying, “thank you Jesus”, he didn’t show anymore interest in the gospel so my search continued.

If found a store where they sold the cellphone loader I was looking for so I could continue.




When I went up the stairs I saw a lady with a bag pack and felled compelled to talk to her and ask her if she had any pain, so I did. She said that she had many pains and continued talking. I listened and was amazed to hear how God had revealed himself to her. When she had finnished I proposed to pray for her. She said I could pray for her right leg and hip that was in much pain. I put my hand on her hip and commanded the pain to go and the leg to be totally restored. When I was already at the house of Marcus (the uncle of my wife) I received a message from Sanna (the woman I just prayed for at KoskiKeskus). She said that she was very thankful to have met me and for the good conversation.

She wrote:
“When I was sitting in the bus today after our conversation, my right leg and hip suddenly felt extremely hot, and the pain was gone :-0 wow!
My left hip is still in pain, it has been in pain now few days…. I have also pretty awful insomnia, and I also drop sometimes things out of my hands just because they become numb… . This is called “hypothyroidism”, I pray that God will heal this. God bless you and your wife!”

After I received this message I told her that I would still be in Tampere the next day and that I could visit her and continue praying for the other things. Sanna was very happy with this and I promised to visit here the next day.

When I had done the kids to their school/day care I went back to KoskiKeskus searching for persons of peace. First I met a friendly girl who explained me “how” and “where” I had to take the bus which lead to the home of Sanna. We both drank some coffee and I told her what I was doing here. She was happy for me that I had found my purpose in life (People quiet often say this but my purpose in life is NOT to heal people, my purpose in life is to TELL PEOPLE that they need to TURN AWAY FROM THEIR SINs, BE BAPTISED IN WATER & BE BAPTISED IN the SPIRIT; and LIVE THE NEW LIFE together WITH HIS SPIRIT:) She needed to start with her work so we said goodbye. Goodbye friendly person!


I met a girl that I had already met last year in Tampere. She was advertising. With our former meeting She had gotten healed so I asked her if she had checked the movie that I had told her about. She said she had seen the movie but when I asked her what she thought about it she didn’t know. One of her colleges first thought that I did some kind of energy healing. I told her that it had nothing to do with “energy healing” but that I prayed for people in Jesus’ name. We started an interesting conversation. Her collegue was involved into New Age and seemed to be very interested.

Now that I’m home I’m thinking that I should have asked more questions to the girl who had been healed before. She still needs to make a decision if she wants to follow God. If your involved in Reikki healing or New Age than you should check this documentary; Reikki master meets Jesus. Jesus is the only way, the only truth that doesn’t change and the LIFE!

A bit further was a bench where some youngster were sitting. I went to them and asked if any of them had pain. No one had any pain so I continued what I did and asked them what they thought about me “healing in Jesus name”. They didn’t really answer my question but one of them seemed to be really interested so I gave one of my contact cards. After a while one of their friends came sitting with them who had a head ache. I prayed one or two times for it and all his pain left. Great! A seed is sown and because they were not really open I left them after trying to share some gospel with them. I hope that the guy who seemed to be open wil check the movies/documentaries and contact me!

At 13.29 I had to leave to Sanna, (the woman I met yesterday. She was already waiting on me with her son. Togehter we walked from the bus stop to her home. I listened to her story’s and I could pray for her medical situation but also for her family! What a nice meeting it was! Very soon it became time to go back to take the children from their day care so after our conversation and prayers it was already time for me to leave again. Sanna was very happy (for my short visit) and said that I could visit her again when I would come back to Tampere. 😀 I keep that in mind! Thanks Sanna & family!


Because there would be a bus strike on Friday I decided to go already to my home on Thursday evening 😀

The day after I came home a friend of Sanna wrote this message to me;


In the evening I get a message from Sanna herself, this is what she wrote:


We serve an AMAZING GOD! He just needs our obedience!
Get to know God, read your bible, talk to Him! Trust Him!

Are baptised? Do you speak in tongues already ? Have you never prayed for “the sick” on the street? … With all these things I want to help you! Contact me and we’ll make a date! We are a couple living in Forssa, Finland and our contact information is  “”, hope to hear from you!








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