Tuesday 13.02.18; Prisma shopping!

My last post was two weeks ago; this does not mean that God hasn’t done anything in my life. A lot of good and less good encounters I have had. The gospel I preach becomes more powerful when this gospel (good news) is not only words! People who get healed are most likely confused or in shock. (Because the majority of the people don’t believe in a God. They might believe in “something” except the God of the bible. Or they believe in God but have never seen of heard something of Him in their life.) When they got healed I tell them that it is in the power of Jesus Christ that they are healed. I give them a contact card and tell them to watch some of the links like:

Reikki master comes to Jesus
24 most practical teachings of the real Christian life (Pioneerschool)

I live in Forssa, which is a small “city” in Finland. It has one small shoppingcentra (PRISMA)! I’ll go their almost daily asking people if they have pain where I could pray for. I love to talk about Jesus who is ALIVE and wants a RELATIONSHIP with everyone. When people got healed they mostly want to take some (more) time to listen to me. Anyway Jesus has send us (his disciples/followers) out in the world to tell the gospel to anyone who wants to listen (Luke 10). We have an important commission as this life here on earth is max. about 120 years. Eternity is for EVER!

Tuesday I was together with my wife in the shopping mal of Prisma (to buy some stuff for a birthday where we had to go). I saw a lady passing by and by the way she was walking I could see that she had some pain. After telling my wife I went to her and asked her is she had some pain. Immediately she said; “yes”! I asked her where and after she told me her leg hurted. I prayed a short prayer over it and before I could ask her “how it felt” she told me that her leg felt very hot! I had to think on the woman I prayed for in Tampere who get healed when she went back home and was sitting in the bus when her leg started to feel hot; and all pain left, so I told her that Jesus was healing her. She still could feel some pain so I prayed a second time and now her shoulder started to feel also very hot. I told her again that Jesus was healing her but had to leave her alone because my wife and I had to go to the party now. I gave her a contact card and said that she had to look to some links and the blog to find some more answers. I hope she’ll do this and will find out the truth. On my contact card my email adres is written “disciplelife.blog@gmail.com” so if people want more prayer/healing/gospel/baptism they can contact my wife and I 😀


Our God is alive! We have to use His power in us!!! Nobody is more than somebody else; we all can do the same when we have Jesus living in us! We have to start using His power! 😀

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