Tues-Wednesday 14-15.02.18; Let’s do this more!

Every follower of Jesus is send out to bring in the harvest! In Matthew 28 we can read that Jesus commissions all his disciples “Go therefore and make disciples of ALL NATIONS!”. What a task! If we go out in our own strength we can feel tired- or want to give up very quick, but we can read in Matthew 10 that Jesus has send his disciples two img_20180214_1846521897007545.jpgby two. There must  be a good reason 🙂
Most people experience difficulties in finding time, energy or “the want” to assist me in going out on the street where I live so why not searching after people who live near me by the TLR map(WWW.TLRMAP.COM). People who like to go out on the street together?
A Good idea; so it seemed. I have been going out to a shoppingcenter in Hämeenlinna (Goodman) with my new friend, Ulf. Now I would go for the second or third time on the streets with another brother who also loves to do the same. These are some of our encounters:

1. It didn’t take to long to find the first person who we could show Gods healing power. img_20180214_1600541123676115.jpgThis guy was a muslim. He was totally amazed by what happened. Don’t know anymore from what he got healed (headache or hurting back) but he did got healed! We could explain him that Jesus had just showed him that He’s the only living God who is at work in his disciples and wants to show himself as the one and only living God who searches people to repent and become followers of Jesus.


Oh my goodness! First of all this blond guy, who didn’t believe, got healed from a headache! He was totally in shock! “What did you do with my head”? “How did you do that”? I had to think back on a similar response of a lady when I was in South Africa. The girl had said with a “thrilling voice of excitement” ‘what did you do with my leg’ after I had prayed for all pain to leave her leg. Now it happend again but in Finland. I love to see peoples reaction after they got img_20180214_165056552235341.jpghealed! It is sometimes funny to see how puzzled and shocked they react after you said a short prayer. Time to testify who had healed them. After the blond guy got healed his girlfriend said that she also had some pain. My friend Mikka prayed a short prayer and also all her pain left immediately! Now they were both in great amazement. We explained the gospel to them. They were very hungry to hear what had just happened with them. After some time  we gave them some links and our contact information (cards). If they want more information they can search for more and contact us if they want help. Time to move on 😀 What a nice experience to start with!
We went outside to take some fresh air but when we wanted to make a tour around the shopping mall  img_20180215_1324251213545743.jpgwe saw a group of youngsters hanging around. I said to Mikka, let’s go to them and ask them the same question. So there we went.

One of these guys got healed and the whole group was listening with interest to us. We told them about the God who had just healed one them. As they saw that there friend wasn’t exaggerating they listened with a lot of interest to us.




When we went back in we saw two guys standing next to each other.

One of these guys had back pain which went away after one or two prayers. This guy was pretty amazed!

Disciples of Christ. Let’s show this world that Jesus lives!!




We went back to Miika’s home and had some nice fellowship. We sang some Keith Green songs together, prayed and thanked God for what He had done.

The next day we went back to the shopping mall and found again some people with pain. Though not as many as yesterday.


img_20180215_1346431750040092.jpgThe first woman we saw sitting on a bench had everywhere pain in her body. She said she had “fibromyalgie” which led to all kind of pains. We could pray for her and she felt much better.

We shared the gospel of Jesus with her and left her with a smile after we had been speaking to her for quiet a long time.




One of these girls had some pain which left after two prayers. This girl expressed a kind of “waaaw” feeling so after sharing some gospel we gave them our contact card and told them that Jesus had just shown them that He’s the only living and true God. We spoke with them for about five minutes but then it seemed to be enough so we left.

We still spoke with some people; prayed for some guys but these were the biggest highlights. Happely Miika and I said goodbye to each other. Surely we will do this more!

I must say, I have found a friend who shares the same passion as me (Jesus) and lives (in Finnish terms) not to far away (2 hours drive). So why not going to the streets some more? 😀 We both agreed! 😀 To be continued! 😀

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