Saturday 17.02.18; visiting Turku.

On Friday we came to Turku to see Anni’s friends. After visiting the friends we went to a big shopping mall called Hansa. While my wife needed to do some shopping I walked around to find people with pain.

This shopping mall was huge in comparison with Forssa’s shopping mal. That was something I like! Everybody seemed to be healthy today and many were closed. I could give some of them a card with a link to the documentaries, a link to my blog and had some small conversations.

When approaching a group, at least one of them is mostly interested!

When I went outside I approached a group youngsters. One guy said he had “everywhere” pain. When asking “where do you feel pain at this moment” he said his feet because he was a footballer. I said “give me your hand” and commanded all pain to leave! After the first prayer it was a bit better so I asked his hand again and did the same. I asked him again if he could still feel his pain and he said: “No!”, “Amazing, isn’t it”, I replied. “Yes”, he said. But when I told him that Jesus had healed him he said he didn’t believe in Jesus because he was a Muslim. “But your pain is gone?” I asked again. “Yes” he said. Well Jesus has done this. Now he started to talk about drugs, etc. so I left the conversation.

This Muslim didn’t want to be on the picture because he “is a dangerous person” so he said, so I asked his friend, who said to be a Christian to go on the picture with me. We had a good conversation though he had difficulties not to be distracted by his friends. After a while I said goodbye. Many said goodbye back.

After a while walking around and asking different people I decided to stop and look after my wife. It was time to go home. Tomorrow is a new say 🙂

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