Wednesday 21.02.18; Freed from demons by prayer!

Waaw, yesterday (21.02.18) I wrote a message to the friend of Sanna (the woman that got healed by Jesus after I prayed for her in Tampere). I wanted to know how she was doing because I had prayed for her on the phone and had not heard from her again. This is what she wrote:



This is amazing; isn’t it? As followers of Jesus we can all do the same! The only thing it needs is your prayer! You only will do this if you truly believe that God will heal. The question is: “do you believe that God will confirm his word which says that ‘the believers will put their hands on the sick and they will recover’ (Marc. 16:18). If so, I encourage you to use your faith and heal the people in Jesus name. Before or after your prayer you can tell about the Saviour Jesus Christ! This is the power of the gospel where Paul writes about in 1Cor. 4,20.
But maybe you’ll tell me, “yeah, I tried it before but my prayer doesn’t seem to work. Well I can say; “faith is like a muscle; it only grows by using it” (Thorben Sondergaard). So, time to start using your faith muscle.
In the start of my blog I didn’t see as much (and as strong) than what I experience today, but I exercised a lot (my faith muscle). See my 145 blog posts from the last 16 months of my life. In every post (except maybe 3) people are healed or experience God is some way.


After I received her (friend of Sanna) message I went to the shopping mal Prisma and saw a woman standing before the mall. I thought to recognise her but was mistaken 😦 Having opened the conversation I asked her if she had any pain in her body. She didn’t so I explained her why I asked this strange question. She listened to what I had to say but I saw that she started to feel uncomfortable so I said good bye and went away. In the shoppingmal I saw one of my friends who pointed to me and said he had pain in his hand. I prayed once and all pain was gone. Hallelujah! No one of his friends had any pain so I gave them one of my contact information cards and told them that they had to check out one of the links that would explain more what had just happened. (I’ve spoken with this guy many times, it is my prayer that he will get to know the truth but first his eyes have to be opend!) No one had any (more) pain so I proceeded on my way.




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