Sund-Thursday 01.03.18, Everyday life as a disciple of Jesus!

As a disciple of Jesus you know that you won’t find every day a person of peace (even if you search for a long time). Solution? Try to share the gospel everywhere you go. Everywhere you are! Let the light of Jesus beam out of you!

On Sunday we were invited to go to a pentecostal church that we attended last year because there would be a group from Afghanistan sharing testimonies (just like last year). I remember the group from Afghanistan from last year where someone received the Holy Spirit after praying with him 🙂 and others got healed! 😀

This time I spoke to one guy from Afghanistan who seemed to be quite sceptical about “healing people as a method to share the gospel”. This was quite strange for me because I could pray for his knee that got healed after four short prayers. Anyway he had a lot of questions (the same questions you hear quite often from people inside the church building) like “what if it doesn’t work, is it not psychological, I believe Jesus works different now a days, etc…”. He didn’t really agree on the answers I gave to him so I stopped because I didn’t want to argue.



On Wednesday my friend Mikka came. We both have a great passion and the same heart for Jesus. Togehter we went out “on the street” to share the Gospel with people. We live in Finland what makes it quite obvious that we want to be inside (shopping malls, etc…) sharing the gospel because of the freezing temperature here.

In the shop Prisma we found a young guy (around 17y) who had a head ache (pain level 4 on a scale of 10). He said that he didn’t believe, after I had prayed for him and his pain was just the same. I said “no problem, can I pray again”? He said “yes”, and now his pain went down. After the next prayer all his pain went away. This guy looked a bit surprised and said that “this is very special”. I gave him my contact information and he said that he would check the movie and was interested in all that we had to tell him. After some minutes we left him and encouraged him to check the links and contact me if he would have some questions. He said he would!


We approached some more people but no one seemed to be open or interested to hear what he wanted to share with them so we left.

The next morning was again a very cold one. My wife went to work and Mikka and I read in our bibles and we both had to make a call. The woman I had met in Tampere and had visited to pray for called me. Now she had a lot of pain in her neck because of a sun burn and asked me if I could pray for her. I was happy to hear her again and had a nice talk. After that I commanded the pain to leave her and after two prayers all pain was gone. Hallelujah! We were both very happy. Sanna (name of the woman) said that her husband (who isn’t a believer YET) had said to her that he was so happy that he had his woman back (which he fell in love with) after she was healed by Jesus after I prayed for her in Tampere. We both prayed for her husband and children and expect that God will also lead them to Him!

After our diner Mikka and I went outside.


Finland can be very beautiful (and COLD!). When we went into Prisma we couldn’t find people who were “open” so we left to another shop. Also at the second shop “K-market” people were not open. We met lots of people who said to be Christian but wanted no prayer. “We will pray for ourselves” is what some said.

Mikka who is from Finland can easely speak with older people in his mother tongue but also all the older people were closed today (as they also were yesterday). Mikka said; “I don’t understand, how can people be so rude sometimes”?!

When we went back home we passed a group of alcoholics and I also asked them if someone of them had pain. One of them said to have pain and let us pray for him. After one prayer he said it was till the same, but after the second prayer his pain was gone. They were on their way and left us quite quickly after the guy with pain was healed.

Miika and I went home and had to conclude that not every day is like the other, anyway God is in control and He will use every conversation, every card we gave and every healing what has happened for His glory! AMEN!

One thought on “Sund-Thursday 01.03.18, Everyday life as a disciple of Jesus!

  1. Yes indeed! Some days we do not get as much positive response as other days, but we always make some kind of impact on the people for Christ.


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