Fri-Sunday 04.03.18, The premiere of ‘The Life’ and visiting disciples in Sipoo! :D

What a nice weekend we had with the family of Ronnie & Bettina at Sipoo! It’s so refreshing to visit our family in Christ!

Family Bergroth

Friday we took a bus to Kamppi where we went to a supermarket. While queueing I asked a girl (around the age of 20y) standing behind us if she had any pain. She said “no” with a confused face so I explained her why I had asked this. It came out that she was a Lutheran believer and she was actually on her way to a christian camp 😀 We paid our groceries and I quickly asked the cashier if he had any pain. Quite openly he explained that he had some pain in the back. I tried the “southafrican way” and just said to him “Just give me your hand”. He gave his hand quite automatically, so I prayed and I asked him to check. At that point he realized that I had just prayed for him and he just said “No thank you”. Since it’s not South Africa, people do get ashamed of being prayed for in public.. Not then.

Bus station in Kamppi.jpg

My wife and I walked a bit around and met this girl again at the area where the long distance busses leave. We didn’t see her, but she stopped us when we were passing by. She was very encouraged to have seen me praying for the cashier and she had just been explaining about it to her friend who was standing next to her. We had a nice conversation were I told a testimony and also my wife shared some testimonies. A nice encounter I must say! It happens very seldom that a believer comes up to you to encourage you with what you are doing.

We had to walk to Helsinki’s central railway station for another bus. While standing on the bus stop outside I started a conversation with a guy from Afghanistan.

The bus arrived and we all stepped in. I invited the guy to sit before us and he seemed happy to do so. He said that he had some pain in his back (painlevel 4 on a scale of 10). I had to pray quite many times (5 or something like that) before all his pain was gone. He was a Muslim but had clearly felt that his pain was gone in Jesus name. I gave him my contact card and told him that he should watch the movie on the card, The Beginning. My wife and I had a nice conversation with him for our whole 55 minute bus drive 😀

We had a great weekend with Ronnie & Bettina and their 5 kids. On Saturday we had a movie premiere for the new TLR movie, The Life (here’s a trailer for it). We were a bit more than 30 people gathered and afterwards people could pray for each other and share testimonies.

On Sunday we ended up talking about the Cups & cookies -method of sharing the gospel. All of us hadn’t practised it in a while so we decided to just “jump in the cold water”: each of us would try to share the Cups & cookies in less than 10 minutes and we would video it. Here are the videos from Ronnie in English and from Bettina in Finnish. The videos don’t have each and every detail from the original Cups & cookies, since we tried to practise a quick version, but they came out good! I encourage everyone to get comfortable with sharing the gospel with the Cups & cookies! It’s an excellent tool. Also learning it makes it easier to share the gospel without the cups too, because you learn to have everything in your mind in a good order.

When we returned home on Sunday we had to pass Kamppi again so I walked around and searched for person(s) of peace. I asked some people if they had pain. I could find one tall youngster with some back pain (level 4 on a scale of 10). I prayed a few short prayers and all his pain went away. The guy didn’t know how to explain this. In the start he said he didn’t know what to believe in, at least he hadn’t thought about it. I told him that the power that healed him was Jesus’ power. “He still lives and that’s why you are healed”. The guy thanked me and said that he needed to go now; we happily said goodbye! (2)

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