Friday 09.03.18, Make it a lifestyle!

We had invited 3 Christian couples for dinner on Friday. After the dinner the men stayed in the kitchen and the women went to the living room to chat. I asked the guys if I could show them a practical explanation of the Gospel (called “the cups & cookies”, see videos in my last post). They agreed so I practised presenting the Gospel on a visual way. Afterwards we had some conversations about it.

Later, after one couple had to already go, we joined the women in the living room and I asked if someone knew if their legs were not the same length. I explained that I would gladly pray for it. One of the women said her legs were not the same length which caused her some pain once and while. I asked her to sit straight on a chair so I could have a look. It was very hard to see a difference but I could see that her ankle bones were not at the same spot, so I commanded the shorter leg to grow out. It was hard to see a difference, so my wife asked her in Finnish, if she felt anything during the prayer. She told that she felt some tingling and also like some muscles would be opening. In the end I asked her to stand up and I prayed for a total healing of her back. We will check how it evolves but I have a good feeling about it because every now and then people who get healed feel some tingling during the prayer.


The woman’s back that we prayed for.

After that another young woman said that she had back pain. I also asked about her legs, but she said, that according to a fysio therapist, her legs were the same lenght. My wife and I got up to put our hands on her back and to command all back pain to go. It was hard for her to say, if the pain was different. At some point she said that it was a bit better and then after some more prayer she felt that the pain was shifting and feeling more on a different spot. She promised to tell later if the pain goes away.


We were also talking about how many Christians are not yet comfortable to live as believers even with their believing friends. That if meeting other believers in cafeterias, parks, shops, parks or at home, they are not used to pray for or with each other out load. Or some might do that in an “offical” Christian gathering, but not when they are just together as friends. So for those people it’s nearly impossible to even think that they would pray for healing in a public spot for a stranger. I don’t think we should have fear and part of it is just that in certain nominations praying out loud in groups is not a common thing to do. But surely, every one has to start growing starting from the spot they are. So if praying with and for believers is still hard for us that could be our first step to tackle. If we are used to tackle the problems in life with prayer, we are more likely to propose to pray even for our un-believing friends.

On the other hand I’m so excited about praying for healing, because that brought a totally new tool for me in reaching people. I used to evangelize people everywhere already for 16 years, but my only tool was to talk. I did have “good conversations”, but people left me unchanged. Most westerners don’t believe that God exists, so it’s hard to convince them with words. On the other hand, when they feel God’s power when they are healed, even from a small thing, that’s God convincing himself to them and makes people think and listen with a different attitude.

Such a nice evening! It would be nice if we could ask them again to see either of the TLR movies “The Beginning” or “The Life” together. After the movie it would be great to talk about it and pray for each other just like in Sipoo.


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