Tues.-Wednesday 13.-14.03.18, This is Finland, outside baptism in -6 degrees!

Tuesday I went to my friend and brother in Christ Miika T. We first did some shopping and then went to his home and prepared for his house group that evening. What a blessed evening it was! At the end of the evening one of the girls said to Mikka that she wanted to get baptised!

On Wednesday Miika and I first went to a big shopping mall to share the gospel with

Mikka (on the right), the woman with the crutches in the middle and me (on the left)

anyone who wanted to listen. We could share some gospel with some people but most of them were very closed and our conversation ended very quick. What a pity! Though one of the first ladies we approached had some pain in her feet (she walked on crutches) which went much better after Miika prayed for her. She said she could walk much easier after encouraging her to try it! The woman was very happy and was interested in all Miika told her. What a nice start 🙂 After this we shared the gospel to many more but no one had pain or was sick so it was difficult to have a normal conversation because many people leave you quiet quickly when they hear the name Jesus. In a way I look forward to meet people with pain because then I can show them that my God lives! Our message is not just words; but contains also power and that is what I want everybody to experience!
It had become time to go home and prepare for the baptism.

This is how Mikka describes the baptism:

“Yes, here was this disciple with whom I had an opportunity to talk about baptism and help her to understand “why” we should do it and “what” it is all about.
When the sound message is preached, it makes so much sense and Holy Spirit just confirms what is truth and what we should do.
This amazing lady had been a believer in Jesus for a long time, but she had never understood why we are baptised to Christ. Still she was spiritually very strong and -gifted. So accurate in prophetic words and just such a wonderful wonderful woman of God. But she remained under the baby-baptism and couldn’t see anything wrong in it for a long time. Like most of the believers in big churches. The mind of men can be so deceived that it holds our eyes closed from seeing the simple truth of the bible. This is especially true when many people have agreed in the same way of believing, even if it’s wrong. But here was this wonderful lady who had already been talking with others about full immersion baptism. So it was many people and the Holy Spirit who had been leading her to this decision. When she went to seek God in prayer it was revealed to her just in the very same way than many others who seek for truth with all their heart. Actually it is quiet simple; go to the Lord, pay attention, let the bible do the talking and accept the truth.
Now she was convicted about it. Our only problem seemed to be “where to baptise her”. I had to talk again and tell her that nothing really holds you, and that we will figure out where. If you really are ready for it we will make it happen! (I was a little bit worried about that, because it took her so long to make this decision). So I also told her about many people who needed to make the choice, to get baptised “now or never”. We are not in any different situation. It’s all about Jesus, do you want Him or not, His ways or not? We have to choose between “now or never”, and she chose “now”, praise God! So we prepared everything and on the very next day we went to the lake when it was -6 degrees Celsius. There we went (see video) into the cold water and baptised her into Christ. She was so happy, and so were we! Hallelujah. It was a great and joyful day! We spend the evening together in good fellowship, prayer and worship. It was also very good, that the guy who baptised her did it for the first time. Now he also knows how to do it again whenever it is needed. I also experienced myself, that it is really important not to force anyone to get baptised. Just in love help “them” a little bit to take the right steps, by taking their hand and telling them “let’s do it now.”
It was all good, joyful, peaceful, truthful, great and just so awesome. Did I say awesome? Glory to Jesus! God said to me during these events, that nobody can enter into this kingdom by walking on a dry ground. It is required from EVERYONE to take the step of faith and go through the water if they want to get into the Kingdom of God. It’s God’s ways and we need to follow His ways and forsake our own ways.”

After the baptism we quickly went back in the car and drove to some place where her Christian youth friends would gather in the evening. We all prayed for her, commanded all the forces of the evil to let go and blessed her! She was shining all over! Together with her friends we sang some songs and had nice fellowship!

The gang who were part of her baptism!

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