Thursd.-Sunday 22.-25.03.18, Teaching & Sharing gospel in Edinburgh

In September we went to Denmark to attend the PTS school. We had a great 3-weeks in Aalborg. See for example an amazing post of a kickstart we did at the Jesus hotel, or when I went to the streets with Petrus, one of my brothers in Christ, or our Luke 10. The Luke 10 experience   became one of my most amazing experiences at the PTS.
The PTS was a wonderful time what I surely recommend to everyone who want to grow in “Practical Christianity”. You’ll meet a lot same minded people who all want to grow in becoming more like Jesus. The amazing thing was that you don’t have to search for those people who want to go with you on the street; because they are all there with you. It is so easy to practise your faith muscle during a PTS.

At my PTS I had told all my brothers and sisters (in Christ) that they could invite us to give some “kickstart teachings”. Edit was the first to invite us, though my wife couldn’t join me this time.

This is the story of my trip to Edinbrugh:

I flew to Edinburgh on thursday. During my travel I asked lots of people if they had any pain and if not if they knew why I asked them this question. Lots of good conversations but I had no chance to show them the power of the gospel until I had to take the last plane and was sitting close by some Russian teenagers. I asked them the same question and one of them showed me his finger which was in a kind off bandage. I prayed for it but after he thought it was much better he took off his bandage and tried to move it but it still hurted. I told him that it mostly takes more than one prayer. The friend sitting next to him told me that his back was hurting. He was sitting behind me so I took his hand and commanded all pain to go. Now some of the teenagers were asking if I could pray for another guy whose hand was shaking. I turned to the guy and took his hand. I commanded all the shaking to stop. After the prayer I could easely see the difference. I asked him how it felt and he said it was better. I could see that his hand wasn’t shaking anymore. The guy whose back I had few minutes earlier prayed for now said with excitement, “hey, my back doesn’t hurt anymore”?! I told him, “yeah of course; Jesus is alive!”. I ended up playing a card game with two of those teenagers. When they heard that I was 33years old one of them asked me what kind of cream I used because I looked still “very good and young”. I had to laugh and told him that I had the skin of my mother who also looked much younger than she really is 😀  We had a great time and arrived safely in Edinburgh. I pray that those teenagers will meet the real Jesus and become followers of Him.

Edinburgh, a nice and lively city!

On Friday evening the kickstart begun. There was around 15 people and we gathered in a home of one of the organisers. I started with a teaching about how being a disciple means being an apprentice of Jesus. Afterwards we had nice fellowship and “getting to know each other”.img_20180324_1027092126394480.jpg

Rick who was also teaching in the kickstart started on Saterday morning to teach about Luke 10.



I ended with a teaching about healing: I talked about how Jesus healed all the sick, how his disciples did it also and how we can take an example from Him! In the afternoon we split up the group in four or five teams and went on the streets. I went with Agnieszka and Jelena.

What a pleasure it is to go to the street with people who are different than you are but share the same heart! Agnieszka had the idea that we should start with approaching the people from the flat were Edit just had moved in. Though it wouldn’t had come to my mind to do this I thought it was a wonderful idea 😀 People were all healthy but came to know that Edit who had moved in to the building also prays for the sick.

We went to the streets and one of the first persons we met was a guy from Poland who had problems with English and excused himself and wanted to go on but the two ladies from our group were also from Poland so they started to talk to him in Polish. The man was very happy to talk to us and said he couldn’t invite us today in his home (we didn’t ask this) but would gladly speak with us tomorrow. We took his contacts and said we would like to connect him to our friend who lived close by and knew a lot of people. He shared his contact info and we just asked him if we could still pray for him. He said that that was ok for him so we did and said goodbye.

We went on our way and met a youngster who was very happy to meet us and talk about his “spriritual walk”. This guy had had some strange visitations from people/spirits (he didn’t know for sure but as I heard him there was surely something special about  those visitations). He was in a hurry so I tried to tell as much as I could in the few minutes that I had. I suggested that if he gave me his contact information I could connect him with my friend Edit who was a local. He was  happy to do so and we said goodbye.

Later Edit contacted him and he send back a very nice message which I share here anonymus:

Hi Edit,

It was a real pleasure meeting your friends yesterday. We talked a bit about jesus and Tim’s Journey and quest that he is on, wonderful guy 🙂 I had found faith very recently actually after i Fell, straying off the path so to speak. Im still learning and feel i am at the very beginning of my fellowship with faith.
I am very grateful for receiving your contact number Edit and would very much like to discuss further about jesus and how i can make ‘my move’ as Tim would put it.
But I need to be fully ready you see.. I don’t want to do anything hurried or half baked … So at this moment in time I would like to keep on reading the teachings and to learn about Jesus life in a ‘hobby-ish’ way and then slowly but surely devote myself to Jesus.
Thank you so much for the email and also thank Tim and his friends whom i met on Leith walk. They gave me something that i needed, I truly do feel blessed.
Thank you so much.
This was again a very nice feedback which shows that God is in control and is leading us to the right people. To find a person of peace you just have to step out either on the street or whenever the situation comes.
Artist, me and Jelena


We went on our way and still met some nice people people and had some good conversations.  Our last encounter was an encouragement: we met a disciple who was also a musician and shared the gospel after his performances by praying for the sick.  Waaw, this was cool to hear!

We went back to the place where we stayed to end the day with testimonies and the last preaching of the day. The cups and cookies combined with the gospel presentation.
Some people had to return home some would come back the next day.

Sunday was already the last day and we ended with two teachings. Rick spoke about “The response to the gospel/baptism” and I ended with “Holiness and Hardship&Persecution. After this everyone could return home or stay and go to the streets just like the Saterday with those who would would want to do the same.

This weekend ended too quick but at last we now knew that these people were ready to take people with them on the streets when there will come an official kick start here in Edinburgh.

What else need to be said:

On Saturday I prayed for one lady who’s legs were not the same lenght and the shorter leg came out and become level with the other. This woman said she could feel the difference. Also my friend Frederik from Holland was here this weekend and he prayed for two other ladies who’s legs came out and became level.

On Sunday he showed us how to test if “your arms” were the same length. Frederick said that when you have neck pain or head ache you should test this and proceed to pray for it almost  in the same way (there are slight differences of course) as you pray for someone who’s legs are of different length



Here we went out on Sunday





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