Monday 26.03.18, I’m too tired!

Monday 26e of March, time to go home. We had had a great time at Edinburgh and people were trained and were ready to take a lead when there would be an official TLR-kickstart organised at Edinburgh.

Due to bad weather I had to spend more than 3 hours extra in Amsterdam Schiphol. An excellent opportunity to approach people and ask them how they felt and if I could pray for them when they had any pain. I did this for more than one hour but became too tired so I sat down with a big coffee and something to eat. I noticed that I still needed to wait for another 2 hours on my next flight and said to God; “pfff, God I gave all my energy in the Edinburgh kickstart (see last post) I’m done! I like to do this but I’m too tired now, please send some people to me, I’m too tired to go out and search them myself!” Anyway my voice started to hurt so I was thinking; yeah, maybe God is in a way telling me  just to relax and have a break. I said: “Ok God, it’s up to you now”.  I believe God wants US to go out on the harvest field and not just open the barn and shout to the harvest to come in by itself. I believe “we” are the ones who have to go and bring the harvest in, but now I was too tired. So I just sat down, drank my coffee and ate my diner as I read my bible.

2 hours passed by and I started the boarding proces. Once in the plane I had to sit next to a guy that I had also seen in the Edinburgh airport. I started the conversation and long story short, this guy came from a missionary family and was more than happy to hear my stories. He has had some difficulties and had to find his own way because you can’t inherit faith from your parents. It has to become your own experience. I believe your parents can help you in the start with taking the right decisions but you can’t live on that. You’ll ultimately have to make your own choice. Your parents can give you a push out of the nest but you have to fly yourself.



Atti (not real name) and me on our way to Finland



What a nice encounter! I told him what I had done in Edinburgh and showed him how to explain the gospel in a visual way (the cups). Atti (not his real name) was happy to hear this and told me that he really found this a very clear way to present the gospel! I showed him how I prayed for the sick by giving him an example “I just put my hand on the shoulder or anywhere there is pain and command the pain to go”. So I had put my hand on his shoulder and had commanded all pain to leave (as an example) but I didn’t now that he had pain just on the place were I laid my hand. Atti said that all the pain in his shoulder was gone after I showed him this example. He still had some pain in his neck so I asked him if I could pray for that too. “Of course”. After two prayers all pain was gone. Hallelujah! What an example to show Atti how to pray for people with pain. Also nice for him to see that the power is in “the name of Jesus” not in anything that I had done because I didn’t know that he had pain at that place. I had to think back on my friend in Belgium were I had done just the same thing. (Showing him how I prayed for the sick by giving him an example and by accident healing his pain).  I told him that I would connect him with some disciples who were living close to his home. I had to think on Otto and Teemu who lived in Helsinki and could kickstart Atti.

Hallelujah! God had answered my prayer in an amazing way! What a God we serve!!

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