Saturday 07.04.18, Alpha course: “Does God still heal today”?

Whaaaw, I got such an opportunity from God to show to new believers that God still heals today and that He wants to use every believer to set the people free from every disease and infirmity by our prayer!

Me and my wife are going to an English service which is every two weeks. Sometimes we also stay for an English-Arabic Alpha course which is also in the same place. This week I saw in their Whatsapp group that their next theme would be “Does God still heal today”. I wrote their eagerly that I would be happy to share my testimonies about God healing still today; and shared my blog with them.

Yesterday I got a call from the lady who is leading the Alpha course. She asked me if I wanted to share about the subject and be a living example. Of course I would like to do this! This (Jesus wanting to use all the believers to heal the sick, cast out the demons; andimg_20180407_1204321489423954.jpg tell the gospel) is what I live for!

When we went to the English gathering and sat for coffee with people we got to pray for  a lady who had pain in her hands. After the first two prayers the pain was still there and she was explaining how her sickness had been with her for a long time. Still I suggested to continue and after the third prayer, to her own surprise the pain was gone. She was very happy and we prayed that it won’t come back.


After the coffee the one who was leading suggested that we all would pray for each others needs.









After the English gathering their was the Alpha course with the theme: “Does God still heal today”? First we watched the Alpha course video as an introduction.  Then I showed them the first two minutes of the movie of the last reformation “the beginning” img_20180407_1556441191330630.jpgand asked them if someone had some personal experience with healing. Actually two of them said that they got healed by my prayer. One of them I had prayed for close by his school near Prisma, the other I had met in Prisma and had prayed for him there. I started by telling them that Jesus always wants to heal. We make up all kind of reasons why God doesn’t want to heal but when we look at the life of Jesus everyone got healed. I asked them if anyone of them was in pain right now. Two of them said they had a lot of pain. One of them would go to the doctor the next day. I went to him, put my hand on him and I payed a very short prayer. After three prayers all his pain was gone. He was really surprised and very happy. He said: “My pain is gone, normally I would go to the doctor tomorrow and would lose €100 but now I don’t have to go anymore”. I told him that he had to thank the doctor of this universe. Jesus is his name 😀

img_20180407_160201386433268.jpgNow the other tall guy came to me and said that he had pain from his head going down to his spine towards his shoulders. After the fist prayer it became a bit less. First his pain level was 7/10, now it had become 6/10. Still two more commands for the pain to go and for the back to be healed. While I was praying I was already thanking Jesus for the healing. Suddenly I saw that this guy became very emotional. I asked him what had happened but he spoke to his friends in Arabic. So I turned to his friends and asked them if the pain was gone and they nodded. This guy, just as the other gave me a big hug! He looked so happy now!

Yes, that’s what I wanted them to see! Jesus still heals today and is waiting on us to use his authority to heal, showing this world that He is still alive!!

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