Sunday 15.04.18, Meeting two open guys


Shopping center Goodman, Hämeenlinna, Finland


On this Sunday my wife & I were walking to the bus station. We were passing through the shopping center Goodman and didn’t have enough time for reaching out to people. Still we went there to fill our water bottles.

After filling our water bottles I saw two guys and a woman comming towards us. I felt that I should talk to them and if possible show them the power of the Gospel. I asked if they had any pain but they didn’t. I asked if they knew why I asked this and the guy said he had met someone in Tampere who had asked him the same question. I asked if he had seen somebody healed and he said “yes”. Are you believers or are you still searching,  I asked them. They agreed that they were still searching so I told them that they should check out the links that were on my contact card that I gave them.

These are the links on my contact card:

TLR: the Beginning

TLR: 7 Day Adventure with God

TLR: Reiki Master Meets Jesus

TLR: The Pioneer School.

TLR: The Life

I told them that people spend a lot of time in planning their 1- or 2-week vacation but the place where they will spend they’re eternity that doesn’t matter so much to them. “We’ll see when we die” is what most people say. But then it’s too late! Everybody has to make their choice because they will come before God one day, I told them. I finnished my talk by saying that they should really check the links. Then I let them continue their way and we walked to the bus stop.


I think these were the right people I had to meet today! Sometimes you don’t have all the time you want to speak to many people but if you stay open to opportunities you might meet the right people!





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