Thursday 26.04.18, When God answers prayer, but people dissappoint!

On Thursday I went out and told God in my prayer that I didn’t want to meet just some people with pain. I know when they allow me to pray for them I have seen many being healed (read one or more of the 150 posts in this blog especially about people who are healed by one or more short prayers!). This doesn’t always mean that they are open to hear the gospel, and that is what it’s all about! “Sharing the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ!”. (Healing people is just a door opener to get their attention!)

When I came in the shopping mall Prisma I saw that there were no teenagers like otherwise. Pity! I went into the grocery store and met one of my Arabic christian friends. We greeted each other and had some small talk but he was in a hurry so I left him quiet quick. When I went out of the shop I met a men that I had prayed for more than a year ago. He got healed by the first prayer a few months later I met him again in a grocery shop with his wife and kids. He asked me if I could pray for his back that was in pain. Again the pain left, he also asked me to pray a blessing over his kids who had some problems. When I met him again he confirmed with gladness that his children were doing much better now!  Hallelujah! Our God is awesome!


When I invited him to a table and presented him a coffee, I asked  him if I could show him the gospel in a visual way. (cups and cookie style).
After the presentation he said that he loved Jesus. When I asked him if he was already baptised he said he wasn’t. I told him how important it was and now he had also seen in a visual way why it was essential.  We made an appointment for the next day to be baptised in my home. I told him to write a paper with all the sins he wanted to bury the next day. We exchanged phone numbers so I could reach him if something would come in between. Full of joy I returned home! Yes Jesus, this is why we need to be out on the street!

More than one week has passed and the sad conclusion is that he is not (yet?)  baptised. When I tried to call him the next day he said he had forgotten it and was already on his way to another city. One week  later he didn’t take up the phone anymore. What a pity! Maybe I will be able to do it some time later but when people take the baptism so light I doubt if there is a genuine repentance. And if there is no genuine repentance it is better not to baptise!

To be continued! 😀


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