Saturday 05.05.18, Visiting a fellow disciple in Brussels!

Friday my wife and I went to Belgium. We could spend the night with our friend and fellow disciple Dmytro. The next day we went on the streets together, and shared the gospel with the people. Dmytro is a dear friend of us. My wife had told him about the international church “Every Nation” in Ghent and that’s were I met him. I had the privilege to baptise and kickstart Dmytro. Now he has his own blog, wonderful how our God leads us!

Now, Anni, Dmytro and I were ready to enjoy the good weather, go and visit a street market and in the meanwhile ask some people if they had any pain were we could pray for. What a nice connecting activity to share the “same heart” with others.

I went to speak with some teenagers. My tactic is mostly very simple:

Me: Do you have a minute, I want to ask you something: ‘Do you have any pain in your body?’

They: (mostly) “No”

Me: Do you know why I ask this?

They: ‘No’

Me: “Well, I believe in a strong and living God who still heals today. I have been praying for many people who have been healed by a short command/prayer of max. 10 words! Jesus tells us that everyone who calls himself a Christian (I’d rather say, disciple/apprentice) should show or tell everyone that He (God) lives. That’s why I ask you this question. By the way, what do you think of this method? Praying for the sick?

An interesting conversation mostly starts after this. A conversation were a lot of things/issues has to be cleared before you are on the same page. Sometimes it even happens that they confess that they do have some pain were you can pray for. I can’t remember anyone who wasn’t healed after he/she told me he/she actually had some pain and let me pray for it.

I still remember that Dmytro and me prayed for some ladies who were actually working but had some kind of pain and they allowed us to pray for them.We prayed just a few times because they were working and had not much time. They (a Romanian and Bulgarian lady) said that the pain was less after the prayer. It didn’t totally get away by the first prayer but they felt the difference and so we could say that this was Jesus because we can’t heal.

We still had some other good conversations. We spend some more time together just the tree of us. And than the time came that we had to say goodbye… What a nice start of our 10-days Belgium.

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