Wednesday 09.05.18, Searching for open people in Ghent

Wednesday was an amazing sunny day in Ghent! While my wife visited some shops I approached people. Some were open, some closed. These were the three open people (groups) I encountered.


This was a pastor from an African church in Ghent. I showed him a “one minute” piece from the documentary The Last Reformation The Beginning” (1.47-2.47) and asked him if he had any pain in his body. I could pray for him and after two prayers all pain was gone. Hallelujah! I told him that “healing in Jesus name” was one of the most effective tools God has given us to “make disciples of all nations”. I gave him my contact card and told him to check the movie and tell his people in church about this amazing tool that is quiet unused by most of the Christians. Now he needed to go so we said goodbye.


This was a group of girls who had no pain but wanted some prayer. I prayed for both of them and I could see that God was touching them through my (simple) prayer.


Then I met this group of positive and open minded youngsters. I started to show them what I was doing by showing them also the first minutes of the movie of the beginning, The Last Reformation (see picture). I think 3 of the four youngsters had somewhere pain and let me pray for it. Later on I heard that some of them were muslim but they all saw with amazement and a lot of enthusiasm that Jesus still heals today.

One or two prayers and they were healed! Only with one of the three it needed more than -2 prayers. Back, upper arm, knees and feet got healed. Hallelujah! I could point to Jesus who had just healed them but as soon as I wanted to continue my speech one of them said they needed to go so I left them.

They had all felt that Jesus still heals today. Now God can use other people to continue what He had started by me showing them the “Kingdom of God” in power. Like the Bible says: “some sow, some water and others reap”. Eventhough I’m most often at the beginning point, or in the middle- of the process, I’m happy to be part of the harvest!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 09.05.18, Searching for open people in Ghent

    1. Yes! Zeker! Altijd wanneer ik naar België kom vraag ik mensen die met me mee op straat willen (zie blog). Ik onthoud jouw naam alvast voor mijn volgende bezoek aan België/en laat je zekers iets weten! 😀


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