Thursday 10.05.18, Who wants to join me on the streets?

img_20180510_1406451755384064.jpgI like to go on the streets to pray for people; preferably with somebody else. Every time I go  to (visit my family in) Belgium I contact some people to ask them if they want to go with me to the streets.  Last summer I visited Belgium for some weeks and could kickstart some people; it were 3-crazy weeks (see blog posts 🙂  One of my former students, Raf has read my blog and wanted to see this “disciple life” with his own  eyes.

I met him in the city center and together we walked to a cafetaria to have lunch. It was very nice to hear how he was growing in his faith and wanted to be baptised. I motivated him to do it as quick as possible because “today God gives you but you don’t know whether you get another day”. Anyway God is faithfull, gracious and full of compassion so I believe God will give him some opportunities to be baptised. It’s up to him to take them and continue in the faith!

I wanted to show him an example and then he could pray for someone who would receive healing from God.

  1. img_20180510_143254569097495.jpgWe passed two youngsters so I went to them to ask if they had any pain. One of them said, “Ooooh, not that Jesus stuff, we are muslims” (maybe I had met them before? I don’t remember) I said that I just wanted to ask if they had any pain; “I would like to pray for you and you will get healed by God”. Now the one with his purple shirt said that he had some pain in his back.  When I asked him how much pain he had right now he said that he didn’t feel pain at the moment but then his friend with the printed black tshirt said he had pain in his back too. I let him sit down on the bench and checked if his legs were the same lenght. There was a clear difference of 1.5 cm. I told his friend and my former student to watch very good while I commanded the shorter leg to grow out and come at equal length as his other leg. 2 seconds of waiting and “SHOOPS”. His left leg grow out and became just the same length as his other leg. Every one was impressed! Waaaw!I prayed once more for his back  and let him walk a bit. This guy was amazed and told me that it felt like he had a new back . Now his friend said that he also had some pain in his back so I prayed a short prayer and he also felt the difference after the short prayer! Hallelujah! I told them that Jesus had healed them because he is the only way to God and want you to know that He is God. I said that they had to ask God to show Himself to them. A lot of Muslims who really want to know the truth get dreams and visions from God so I encouraged them to ask God to reveal himself in a dream to them. They had changed to attentive listeners and were shining 😀

2. I asked Raf if he was ready to pray for the next person but Raf told me that he rather would like to wait after he was baptised. I can  contact him again when I visit Belgium for the next time.  🙂 We still searched a bit more for some people and had some good conversations with some Asian looking youngsters. They said they were Buddhists. I asked if I could still pray for them and they agreed. We stood in a circle so I asked if everybody could lay his  hand on the person next to him. I could pray for them as we were standing in the middle of the city center just like a football team. I asked God to be gracious and reveal himself to them. I asked a blessing on them and asked that they would meet God. They looked very happy and didn’t know what was happening, I guess they never have seen/experienced something like this.

I went with Raf to a cafetaria to overview our day and to ask him how he felt about this day. He looked happy, a bit “overwhelmed” and he said that “he had much to think about”. He had seen the power of God and has seen how effective praying for the sick was. I had a very nice talk with him. Then I said goodbye and he went back to his home.

I continued my walk to the place were my wife and I were staying. I passed a black African looking guy and I asked him if he had some pain. A bit shocked he said he had a head ache. I prayed for him and his head ache left immediately! I could share Jesus with him but this guy believed in a lot more than Jesus.  We talked for some time and said goodbye..

What a nice ending of the day!



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