Friday 11.05.18, Going to an elderly home!

On Friday my mom would visit a brother in Christ who was laying in an elderly home. Not because he was old and couldn’t care for himself but because there was no place for him in a normal hospital. Togehter we could bring a visit and pray for him.

img_20180511_1640221263181174.jpgHere he was (person in the middle). We asked how he was doing and shared some stories. I showed him one minute of the beginning, the documentary of the Last Reformation (minute 1.47-2.45) and told him about all the miracles we (my wife and I) were experiencing these days. I told him that God wanted to heal him too and asked if we could pray for him. He agreed. After the prayer he could move his left feet again. The movement was very little but enough to make this person (let’s call him Dirk) totally amazed!

Dirk asked; can you take a video of this (little movement)?
They had given him a maximum of three weeks to live anymore. Now he was doing something that he wasn’t able to do for a long time! He said he would show the video to the medical staff, and they would be amazed!

Glory hallelujah! We pray that Dirk will  totally recover, we pray that this will be to the honour of our Lord Jesus Christ and that Dirk can be a living example of Jesus’ power!

To be continued! 😀


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