Thursday 17.05.18, You’ll never be without a job!

On Wednesday I went to Tampere (big city in Finland) to take care of some little kids.

After I put the kids to their school or daycare I went to some big shopping malls. I was looking forward to the people God would put on my way!

Some snapshots:

21. When I arrived at “keskustori” I firstly took my time with God! Always an amazing moment!

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the realisation of 1Kor.14:1, Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophecy. (Bold adding is mine)

Today Leviticus 19:17 pointed me back to scripture to do a little investigation, “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart: thou shalt surely rebuke thy neighbor, and not bear sin because of him”.

Gods word is so precious to me! ❤



Before Mc. Donalds I spoke with a girl who had a lot of pain. I think one of her legs were hurting. Pain level 7 on a scale of 10. She seemed not to believe but was doubtful to speak it out after she was healed. After the first prayer the pain level went down to a 5/10, second prayer pain level went down to 1/10 (she started to become uneasy). Third prayer, all pain gone! She didn’t know how to explain this but was in a hurry, so I left her. Aaah! Girl, this gospel can save your life! 😦

So sad to see people “run away” who don’t believe in God but got healed by Jesus anyway!


The girl at my right was a believer but had, because of an accident, already more than 10-years back problems. I asked her if she knew if her legs were the same length, she didn’t. So I let her sit down and saw that her right leg was a bit shorter so I commanded the short leg to come out and it came out. The only problem was that it came out more than it should because now it was the other way around. The left leg seemed to be the shortest so I commanded the left leg to become level with the right leg and “Shoops”, there it was. Now they seemed to be totally even. I let her stand straight and prayed for her back and let her walk a bit. At the beginning she said her pain level was 7 on a scale of ten, now it had become 0/10. Hallelujah! She told me she had seen some basics of Christianity (ripikoulu) but wasn’t baptised on her own faith. I showed her “the cups” and now she seemed to understand the importance of baptism. For an example of my wife presenting the cups, please check our post of our “Luke 10”. In the post you can see my wife presenting the cups (to 3-open people, 2 of them got baptised).


I went to eat at another shopping mall where one of my brothers (in Christ) works. You can read a post about my first meeting with him during my 2-day visit in June 2017. He is an amazing guy with a huge testimony how he came to faith (in Jesus) as a former muslim!

While I wanted to enter the shopping mall a woman approached me and started to talk with me. She was raising funds for genital mutilation. I told her that I’m sponsoring some other things and asked if I could ask her a question. Then I asked if she had any pain. She exclaimed, Aaah, I know you guys! She said that her husband had been part of the teaching during a kickstart in Tampere last year. We exchanged phone numbers and next time I’ll visit Tampere I’ll contact them and “we’ll see what we can do together”. Her husband is in close relationship with a lot of immigrants, that’s sounds very nice! Sure I will contact them when I’ll come back to Tampere. What a nice encounter! The Lord is leading our steps! At the right moment I was at the right shopping mall in Tampere 😀 That’s our God, leading our way! 😉


As last I want to tell you about a very nice conversation I had with a black lady. She told me that she had been searching God and wanted to serve Him but didn’t know how and what to do. She said that she felt God answering her, “just be yourself”. I told her that I had “in a way” searched after an answer for the same question but had found my answer in the bible: “Go, and make disciples”. (Matt. 28:19-20). My quest was more, “how to make disciples”, and after discovering the movement of “The Last Reformation” I knew that “healing the sick and casting out demons” were the key ingredients of “making disciples” of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I can make one conclusion out of this trip, and it’s this: “No one ever needs to be without a job because there’s so much work still to be done!” True, not everyone wants to listen. People are to comfortable over here. But we need to get it out! “Jesus is the (only) way, the truth and the life“. Will you join me in getting this message out on the street? Showing the people the reality of a living God. It’s time that we take Jesus out of the church building!!

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