Sunday 20.05.18, A young woman healed just outside of the Church building!

Waaaw! This is again such an amazing story!

On Thursday two of our friends had asked us to join them when they would go on Sunday to a church in Hämeenlinna. Why not? So we joined them.

After leaving the church building on Sunday afternoon I saw a woman comming out of the same church building with a crutch in her hand. Immediately I went to her and asked her if she had any pain. (Later on I heard from my wife, who was standing just after me, that she was thinking: “Ooh, no! Tim, not in the middle of the way where everybody has to pass, but it seemed that Jesus had no problems with it”)
After asking her, we did take some steps forward so we wouldn’t be hindering people. (But it’s true, I’m not always thinking on that)

The African looking woman said to me that she had a lot of pain in her leg and that’s why she had a crutch.  I asked her if I could pray for it. For a second she was very quiet, but said a bit perplexed. “…, yes”.

When I prayed for her and asked her how it was (she had said that her level of pain was a 7 on a scale of 10) she started crying. SHE WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED and said to me that she had no pain anymore! Her friend who was standing next to her said also a bit perplexed, “really”??? And the woman with the crutch confirmed with the tears rolling down.

She went home without the crutch sustaining her 🙂

Friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, because the Holy Spirit lives inside of us we can do this! Jesus paid for all our pains on the cross. We can show the world that OUR GOD LIVES! Will you join me? 😀

At this place the woman got healed

Because this woman was so shocked and crying I didn’t dare to ask her if I could take a picture because I was afraid to spoil Jesus’ work. It’s not about the picture anyway! I gave her my contact card with some links and told her that she could check them.


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