Thursday 24.05.18, The normal Christian life!

Yesterday I went with my wife to a big shop to look for a new board game. We found a nice game but wanted to check another shop to see their selection.

received_102107429416799381801983232.jpegWhen we entered the other shop, I just asked a woman who was standing in the corridor if she had any pain. She did have pain but was not sure if she wants me to pray for her. I was trying to convince her by saying that it only took few seconds and she had nothing to lose. I said that she could just give her hand and I would shortly pray, but she was keeping her hands to herself even if I reach out mine. She was staying polite, but she looked a bit scared in my wife’s opinion, so my wife said to her it’s ok to say no. She was going with the no, so we wished her a nice day and walked on.

These kind of situations are really hard for me because I know that she would be healed! I was sure about it but she didn’t want to take the “risk”. What a pity! I told her that Jesus would have healed her, but you could see that she didn’t felt comfortable.

In the end we went back to the first shop, Prisma, to buy the game in the first picture. While walking out I saw three 20+ year old guys and asked if they had any pain. When I talked to them, I realized that they seemed to be a bit drunk. One of them had pain in his back which got much better after one prayer and then totally healed after the second. He was surprised and also his friends who saw his reaction. Still, when I started to talk about Jesus the friend started to walk on and the guy himself, didn’t want my contact card. He was honest, though, and even turned back to say “Most people don’t believe in this stuff anymore”, to which I answered “I know, and that’s why I want to show then that God is real. You felt it yourself.”


During our walk we were sitting down for an ice cream on a terrace and we saw someone passing with crutches. At that time I was sitting down next to my wife with an ice cream so I didn’t approach them (= run after them with an ice cream in my hand), a pity.

I’m looking forward for tomorrow: we’ll baptise one of our house church guys! Hallelujah! I’m so excited! 😀


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