Friday 25.05.18, Baptising a friend!

Woooow! God lead us to the right people!

My wife and I understand that the church “system” (the way churches function) from these days is not productive in making disciples. People come to the church building and go home just the same. Lots of potential but most of the work is done by the same people over and over again. There is a kind of sub structure, “The professionals” and the “lay people”. It is not like this everywhere but the bigger the church the more likely it will be like this. People sit down, listen, nod, sing, listen and go home. Again, I don’t want to generalise but I see this more and more.

My wife and I were yearning to start a “home church” (comming together in freedom on a weekly basis and trying to listen what the Holy Spirit wants us to do), with English speaking people who had a passion for God and with whom we can go on the streets. 1,5 years passed by before we met a couple from Lithuania who wanted to join us. We have been coming together with Tomas and Simona for a month now. Together we do different things, like watching the pioneer school, praying for each other, sharing testimonies, singing together and reading bible. Every time is different but we trust that God leads.

On Wednesday I was meeting up with Tomas. He told me that he wasn’t baptised on his own faith since he came from a charismatic Catholic background, but he would want to. When I asked him if I could do it he happily said “yes, of course”! We decided that we would baptise him on Friday (2 days after). My heart jumped for joy!

On Friday Tomas came together with his wife to our home. I had already had a repentance talk with him on Wednesday. We talked through the sins he wanted to repent from and leave behind in the water: there is power in telling your sins specifically to someone from the same gender. Before baptising Tomas we sat down and shared some testimonies about baptisms, like our own baptisms or people we have baptized. When the water in our small bath tub (aka baptism pool) was ready we let Tomas sit down in it and baptised him!


Tomas was baptised in the name of Jesus and set free from every bondage that the Devil had put on him. There was no manifestations, but afterwards Tomas felt really peaceful and happy. I remember that I felt just the same when I was baptised in 2001. Sometimes people still need a lot of deliverance, sometimes they don’t.

After baptising him, we prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit, since he didn’t speak in tongues yet. It didn’t happen then and there, but we assured him that it will come later because God wants to give it to him. We told that it’s important to keep on yearning for it and pray to God about it and try it also on your own (we shouldn’t make up tongues, but if we try to speak in faith God can change our words).


God really has blessed us with our new friends! We enjoy each others company and we feel that we’re spiritually on the same level! Hallelujah, this is what we have prayed for!

Ps: Simona, the wife of Tomas told us that she had been praying for her husband to be baptised on his own faith. She had felt great peace from God, which assured her that everything would come all right. Today she could see that God is faithful! Glory Hallelujah!

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