Wed-Fri 30.05.-01.06.18, “I have a lot to think about!”

On Wednesday 30th May I went to see my friend Otto in Helsinki. Together we had planned to go out and share the gospel.  Luckely the weather was on our side 😀 These are some stories that I want to share with you!

On wednesday we met a girl who was deeply involved in New Age. It seemed to me that she was more into it in the past but her friends were still deeply involved in  all kind of spiritual things like Chrystal reading, magic, etc.

To open up the converstation I asked her if she had any pain at the moment. She had some pain in her side (pain level 4 on a scale of 10) which dissapeared completely after the first prayer. At the beginning she was surprised and when she realised that her pain was totally gone she became even more interested in what we had to share with her. Otto (my friend) could relate with her story as he had been in the New Age, etc. himself. He told her how Jesus had rescued Him and how Jesus had showed him that He was the only way, the truth and the life. We told her that her healing was a proof that what we

img_20180530_170050192676316.jpgsaid was true because we can NOT heal.  Jesus living in us, by his Holy Spirit heals. She was really interested and said that her friends would be so open to hear our story! We said that we wanted to see them the next day if it was possible. We gave her a card with links and told her that she could already look at the documentaries together with her friends. We would wait for her message to meet up with the whole group the next day. The sad thing was that we she never contacted us; even though we tried to message/ask her when it would be fine to meet. Anyway, just like she herself knew that this meeting wasn’t a coincindence we trust God that he will send more people to her so she can meet the real King of Kings who gave His life for her.

The next day we met a girl who had reuma in her hands. I could pray for her but after the first prayer she said that it wouldn’t go away because she didn’t believe in these kind of things and had this pain for some years already. Her level of pain (a 7 on a scale of 10) stayed the same after the first prayer. I told her that I just needed her permission to let me pray another time (I told her that it sometimes needs some more prayers). She let me pray again and when I asked her  to check if she was still in pain after the second short prayer she said with a confused face that she wasn’t sure if she had still pain.

img_20180531_173140861507680.jpgI prayed a third time an now she was even more confused and she told that she couldn’t feel any pain anymore.  I told her that we are send out by Jesus to tell this world that there is a God who has done everything so that all people can become right with Him again. When people want to accept his grace they need to repent from their sins, get baptised unto Jesus and they will receive the Holy Sprit. God always confirms our message by the healings that take place when we pray for people. “Faith is not blind! God wants to show himself to you!” I said. Still confused she said more than once, “I have a lot to think about!”.  We gave her a contact card and said that she should check some of the links that are written on the card and contact us with an email if she has any questions or wanted to know more.

We had lots of really good conversations with all kind of people. On Friday Otto had on his heart to go to the salvation army. A guy who was standing at the door came with his arms wide open towards us when he saw us comming. He  said that he kind of saw “Gods presence” on us. This guy (with the blue shirt) was also going around to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked for a while and then went with him and  his companions to a park close by to pray for the neighbourhood and this nation. We had a great time. After this we approached a lot of people who were sitting in the park. Most of them were drunk people so the convestations didn’t go very deep. We now were with a group of more than 5-people so we split up in different groups.  Together we shared a the gospel.  What a nice experience.

Otto also spoke to an older man who was sitting on one side of the parc. Otto could pray for the mans pain which left him after his short prayer.

What a joy it is to share the “good news” with people when you know what kind of tools He has given to all of us! 😀

We all have to come out of our comfort zone and share the gospel with people around us! They are waiting for it! Let’s do this together!


3 thoughts on “Wed-Fri 30.05.-01.06.18, “I have a lot to think about!”

  1. God Bless You. I struggle with decisions. It’s really very simple to say. God’s will be done, not my own. I love my Father God. Please pray for me.


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