Friday 8.06.18, Making it a lifestyle!

What a nice day! I felt that I had to go out today. Or at least, I really wanted to share the gospel with people. I had planned to go out with a friend but in the end he couldn’t come so that meant that it was just me and Jesus 🙂

My home city Forssa is very small but today I really wanted to find some open people and I have learned from experience that you always find open people if you continue searching! Today was not different. After some rejections I found a youngster who had been baptized in a lake, not long ago. I told him that he can contact me if he wanted to go out together and see someone healed. After some minutes his friend joined him. I asked the friend if he had any pain, but since he didn’t, I said good bye to them.

I proceeded my way and met another youngster who was very open to talk with me! He said he was also a believer. I told him that he should contact me so we could go out together and see people’s lives changed! He was very happy to meet me. I spoke about what I’m doing. He confirmed that he agrees with everything I said. I told him that he should send me an email if he wanted to go to the streets with me. We said goodbye and he thanked me for the conversation with a smile on his face. Amazing, let’s see how this story continues! After that meeting, I went home.

Then I went to another big grocerystore and met an older lady who, by surprise, could speak really good english! There was constantly some water comming out of her right eye. Already more than three months. I prayed for it and immediately it stopped! Waaw! God is really amazing! I shared the good news with her and then my alarm reminded me that I had to return home. She told me were she lived, I gave her my contact card and we said goodbye

We left with my wife’s family to a summer cottage in the afternoon. When we stopped to buy food for the weekend, I said to my wife that I would search for people in the shop to share gospel or pray for. Many people started to feel quiet uncomfortable when I just asked them if they had any pain, so I couldn’t continue my talk with them. But it’s all about continuing because the last person I spoke with had some pain. I prayed two times for it but he wasn’t sure if anything changed. Then he asked if I could pray for his life situation. We had some time for a deeper conversation. In the end of our talk he said again that his hand hurts because he had an accident on his work. I asked if I could still pray for it and the pain went away from his both hands! He looked a bit surprised and thanked me. My wife came to tell that we had to leave, so I gave him my contact card and left. This guy looked really touched by God and said he would check the links.

Again, I was reminded that there are everywhere people who are open to listen to the good news that we want to bring them! We are send out by Jesus, we just need to go! It’s all about making it a lifestyle!

3 thoughts on “Friday 8.06.18, Making it a lifestyle!

    1. Thank you Nick! I’m/or maybe still better to say “we are” being a disciple everywhere I go, and I’m looking for opportunities! “. Love Jesus, Love God and Holy Spirit wants to flow through us, hallelujah 😀


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