Saturday 16.06.18, Being a disciple on a holiday!

My passion is to share the gospel with all people and I like to see how people in different countries and cultures respond to the gospel. Two of my observations I have done so far:

1) In South-Africa people are more open to the gospel and for prayer. Almost everyone in South-Africa believes in some kind of God and most identify themselves as Christians. There you don’t need to try to prove to people that God exists, but it’s important to check if they know what does it really mean to be a disciple and follow Jesus. For example many are still involved in ancestral worship (worshiping idols) or they believe in some other man being as important or even more important than Jesus or christianity is just a culture for them.

2. In India the focus needs to be put on basic teachings of Jesus like repentance, baptism, being filled by the Holy Spirit and living as a disciple. A great resource that I’ve found about the basics are 25 online pioneerschool lessons. They are for free to watch and are amazing! I would encourage everyone to listen to them! I have studied theology for four years and have done lots of bible courses but I really learned a lot of practical things from those 25 lessons. The lessons are provoking, because they shake our comfortable lukewarm ways of living by speaking about what Christianity should be like (like it was in the Book of Acts). It is really an amazing practical super interesting online bible school (for free)!!!

My wife is pregnant so we decided to go on a babymoon (last vacation with just the two of you before having children). We came to Bulgaria on Tuesday. While enjoying our holiday I was keeping my eyes open for opportunities to pray for people and share the gospel. I asked some people, if they had some pain, for example the receptionists, but they didn’t. I had to wait until Friday before I saw a lady walking with crutches in the hotels restaurant. I asked if I could pray just a quick 3-second prayer for her to be healed. The lady and her husband were from England and they were very surprised by my question. She didn’t really react to my question, but after I prayed very shortly for her they thanked me and left as quick as possible. The man was a bit laughing while he was going away. What a pity! I know that God always wants to heal but I also know that I shouldn’t be pushy in any way! This is very hard for me because I know that if someone let’s me pray, they can get healed by a simple prayer (or sometimes few prayers).

On Saturday we went on a trip to Primorsko. We went into a grocery store to check for some Bulgarian products and food. While walking in the supermarket I also checked for some people whom I could pray for and explain the gospel to. First I saw a 20-year old looking guy who was working in the shop. I went to him and started a conversation. He laughed with my question but took me to his collegue who had pain in his thumb. I could see the scar in his thumb and he said that the pain was more than 10 from 10. He was ok with me praying for him and after the second prayer he said that all his pain was gone! They needed to continue with their work but showed me one of their other collegues who seemed to be really interested about Christianity, even if he had Hindu backround! I could speak for a long time with him and asked him a few times if it was ok for him that we were talking while he was working. He was happy to talk with me and said few times, “No problem, just go on!”.


He was asking all kinds of questions that showed that he was genuinly curious about my faith in Jesus. Sometimes people from other religious backgrounds are more interested and open than people from a Christian background. I gave him my contact card and told him that he should keep on searching for the way, because I believe there is just one way. “If you keep on searching with all your heart you will find the way, the truth and the life”. I blessed him and we said goodbye.


Still asked our cashier, if she had some pain. There was no queue, so it was a good opportunity. She said first that she had some pain, but was a bit confused about my suggestion. In the end I didn’t get to pray for her. It seemed that her father is an orthodox priest (we were told that around 80 % Bulgarians belong Orthodox denomination) and she was very likely not used to this kind of everyday Christianity.

I had such nice meetings! Yes, this is what I live for: to tell all people about the Saviour of this world, baptising them and teaching them to obey Jesus’ teachings.

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