Tuesday 26.06.18, “Today I visited a church building”

I went to Prisma today for some groceries but also wanted to reach out to people. I had a bit different kind of an approach than usually and asked some youngsters if they are Christians. It was a way to start a conversation with them.  All the youngsters said no and some added that they are not interested in this stuff (Most Fins belong to church but they don’t identify themselves as Christians, especially not the youth). I tried my best, but they were not open, so I didn’t want to push it. I did some grocery shopping and walked towards my home.

When I passed the Lutheran church building I saw that the doors were open. I heard from my wife some days ago that the church buildings are often open in the summer for tourists and there is at least a guide who’s always there.  So I went inside to check if I could talk to the guide or someone else.

When I went in a young guy, who was the guide, greeted me.  I asked him straight if he liked the chuch  building. He said he did. I said that “eventhough this is architecturally a nice building I don’t see Gods power here”.  He agreed.  “As a follower of Jesus I like to see life! But by the way, are you a Christian? Do you follow Jesus?” I asked him.  He said that it depended on what I meant with being a follower of Jesus. We talked for a while and at a certain point he was touching his feet with his hand like it was in pain. I asked him if he had pain and he said “Yes, I play sports”. It seemed that he had injured his feet so I asked him if I could pray for him and he said “sure”.

I asked him how much his level of pain was at the moment. He said that it comes and goes. Sometimes he could feel it a lot and at other times he didn’t feel it.  I asked him how his pain level was at the moment. He said, “Hmm, no it doesn’t hurt at the moment” but he didn’t seem to be sure about it. I felt in my spirit that I should pray for him, so I did. After my prayer I asked him to check it and to feel if there was any difference. He did check it and said a little bit surprised; “Yeah! No pain anymore”.

I gave him my contact card and told him explicitly that I am searching after people who want to follow Jesus, who want to experience him, who want to grow, and who want to obey him.  I told that I would like to meet up with him at another time so we could talk more about these things. He said he would check the documentary and maybe send me an email. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch his heart and that he will contact me so I can talk more about the real LIFE that Jesus wants to give him and what it really means to follow Jesus 😀

Before meeting this young man I met some rejections but that’s part of our job description. It’s about continuing! God sent his son to redeem people and I want to tell the people this good news!



The church building was open for visitors




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